Easter with Petrossian: Caviar or Chocolate?

Petrossian’s Easter food selection gives the opportunity to create an easy yet original and sumptuous Easter menu for any setting


Their famous caviar, smoked salmon and other specialities are delivered to your door free of charge within 24 hours.

The Alternative Easter Egg for Connoisseurs

Whilst chocolate eggs are very much part of the Easter tradition, not everyone has a sweet tooth and many of us want to think outside the box when it comes to unique gifts, so why not switch out your chocolate egg for a more savoury option!

Traditionally, eggs are given as gifts at Easter to symbolise new life, but why limit yourself to chocolate or hens eggs? As the kids tuck into chocolate, the grownups can indulge in eggs benedict with caviar, smoked salmon and caviar or just straightforward caviar blinis.

The team at Petrossian, the world renowned French purveyors of indulgent treats, recommend trying a spoonful of caviar on top of rich, buttery scrambled eggs, or crowning a boiled egg.

…and if it helps, the added benefit is that caviar is a lot healthier than chocolate!

NEW: Almonds coated in lemon white chocolate

Launching on April 1st, these roasted and caramalised almonds are coated in lemon flavoured white chocolate to produce an explosion of indulgence and perfectly balanced sharpness. The ideal sweetness and crunch to end any meal, packaged in an iconic Petrossian box in Easter-y yellow! £32

For more information and orders please visit www.petrossian.co.uk

Free delivery on all orders over £120. All products are delivered in a branded, insulated cooler box with ice packs to ensure goods are fresh, chilled and ready to serve.

Guaranteed delivery within 24 hours in England and same day courier service in London (upon request).

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