The five top markets in Barcelona

A round-up of great places to visit in this beautiful and vibrant city

Barcelona is well known for its climate, Gaudi designs and its football team, but a big part of its culture and charm resides in its markets. From fresh food and flowers to flea markets, we present you with the best of Barcelona’s markets, which are a must-see when visiting the city.

1. BOQUERIA Probably Barcelona’s best known and traditional market, serving as a gathering point and market since the 13th century. Ideally located in popular Las Ramblas, this market is a must for locals for their everyday shopping list, but also when in search of that special, uncommon ingredient or for those visiting and want an advanced and fast paced class in Spanish culinary delights. Step inside and watch a festival of colours and smell, from fresh fruits to exotic fish. Good tip: Step out and lunch or dinner at next door restaurant El Regulador at Hotel Bagues 5*. El Regulador’s chef sources his fresh food from La Boqueria Market.

2. NINOT This remodelled 19th century market, initially was located out of Barcelona, but has grown to be one of the most spectacular in the city. In 1932, due to public pressure, the name was changed to its current one, Ninot, meaning toy in Catalan. The market provides the whole package of colours, textures, flavours and feelings. If you want fresh products and less tourists than in Boqueria market this is the market for you.

Built in 1888, at the city centre, in Eixample district, it is considered to be one of Barcelona’s oldest markets. Today it is mainly known as the Flower Market of Barcelona, a must for green lovers and curious travellers alike due to its impressive variety of plants, flowers and seeds. Best part of all: it is open 24/7.

One of Barcelona’s largest and most loved markets by locals. You will be able to find absolutely anything you need, from new to old and second hand antiques, clothes and even food.

One of the biggest markets in Barcelona that keeps the architectural charm of the 19th century. Very frequented by locals, not only to buy fresh food, but to get any kind of collectables, which are located in the market’s outer ring, while the freshest products you can imagine are to be found at the market’s heart.

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