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Peter Morrell test cooks with the Zwilling TWIN Choice frying pan

Good chefs will tell you that you can’t produce top quality food without the right equipment. I have been giving the TWIN Choice 24 centimetre non-stick coated frying pan a spin on my hob.

It has quick and even heat distribution up to the rim making it ideal for my cooking requirements. I’m no technician but I’m told that it’s the 3-layer SIGMA Clad material, enabling cooking on the whole surface, which achieves this effect.

The Duraslide Ultra 3-ply non-stick coating gives it good long-term non-stick properties which is important for many of my dishes. For example, I always top curries with a sprinkling of thinly sliced dry fried onions. To get them to the right point without burning can be difficult but the pan did this with ease.

When I was testing it was blackberry time and I used the pan to cook a sauce for a venison joint. This entailed reducing some red wine, which it did quickly before adding the berries and sugar which needed some caramelisation, again there was no burning or sticking.

Finally it’s a handy utensil to rustle up that ‘morning after’ staple, the bacon sandwich!

The frying pan has got an ergonomically shaped handle making shaking and flipping easy, a hanging loop and it looks good in the kitchen. It’s also suitable for all types of cookers, electric, gas, ceran, halogen and induction.

On another subject, a sharp knife is a safe knife is the saying in professional kitchens so you may like to look at Zwilling knives. They have been cleverly designed with a curved blade to help you perfect the techique of rocking and sliding when cutting. The shaping at the top of the blade also enables you to hold the knife properly and securely and they are easy to keep ultra sharp

Zwilling products are available at good kitchen equipment retails and on-line

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