Jamboree Bar and Restaurant Blackfriars

An upbeat addition to the rapidly growing South Bank food scene

At Jamboree they’ve created a new Foodfest & Bar concept that celebrates flavours from around the world. Priding themselves on being the kind of place where you can kick back, have a good time and treat yourself to something a bit different. A friendly little gathering place that’s always pleased to see you.

They’re there to serve up what you want, how you want it. So if you’re just dropping by to grab something to take away, no problem. You can tap on their app, and it’ll be ready when you get here.

Whatever flavour your taste buds are after, there will be something on the menu for you.

Perhaps you’re after one of the wholly proper and traditional Morris Major British beef burgers? Or maybe you’re feelin’ like a 24-hour-rum-punch-marinated-in-a-hammock-takin’-it-easy Jamaican Jerk chicken burger. or the black bean and cumin Yucatan burger is 100% veggie friendly with a Mexican twist. Ay caramba!

You’ll even find one of the amazing beers or cocktails handpicked from the same countries to go perfectly with your meal. And while we’re always quick to share a joke, there are two things we’re never parting with – the top quality of our food, and our great big smile when you walk through the door.

Jamboree London Blackfriars, 46 Blackfriars Road, London SE1 8NZ