A fresh approach to Mexican and Latin American Food

Breddos Tacos slings the traditional pollo, carnitas and salsa options out of the window for eclectic combinations bursting with flavour and fun. Peter Morrell reports

Published on 11th August 2016 by Quadrille, £15

Always on the look out for fresh food ideas I have had a sneak peek at an inventive cookbook created by two young chefs who started their culinary career in a car park. Latin food is something of a mystery to many people and their judgement may be coloured by that Mexican meal they once ate and vowed never to repeat the experience. The new book will both teach you something and re-appraise your views. It gives a good description of the essential tools and ingredients before detailing the recipes which are all well within the scope of an amateur cook.

I particularly liked the look of the crispy chicken skin tostadas with avocado and ancho chilli oil and the pork ribs with pickled watermelon. None of the dishes are overworked which allows the flavour of the base ingredients to shine through.

The book is the brain child of Nud Dudhia and Chris Whitney who started their taco shack in a Hackney car park and now have a permanent restaurant at Street Feast Dinerama in Shoreditch, Breddos Tacos: The Cookbook shares 75 of their innovative recipes for tacos, tostadas and small plates, as well as over 70 condiments.

Unveiling the secrets to their thrilling flavour combinations, recipes other than the two I have mentioned above, they include braised beef short rib with pineapple relish, shredded duck with plum and pickles, jerk quail with mango lime salsa and Jalapeno and mint crusted cod.

Although Nud spent a summer living there back in 2001, we are of course not Mexican”, says Chris, “our approach has always been to take flavours, techniques and ingredients that we love from Mexico and around the world and make it work for a 12cm edible plate- whether it’s a tortilla, tostada or flat bread.”

With chapters covering beef, poultry & game, pork & lamb, fish, vegetables, drinks, salsas and condiments, Breddos Tacos is guaranteed to excite the taste buds with the most inspired tacos from the undisputed kings of street food.

Breddos Tacos is available from Amazon and other good booksellers from 11th August 2016