Cruxland Truffle Infused Gin from South Africa

Thunder Echoes Through The Heavens

Cruxland Gin

A bolt of lightning cracks the earth and illuminates the Kalahari. After the rain a lone figure sets out across the plain, a story repeating in his head. This is a tale he knows well. During the storm a lightning bird strikes the earth with it’s talons. This act leaves an “X” on the earth, marking the caches of “eggs” the bird has left beneath the arid soil. This is the tale of the Kalahari Truffle, just one of the 9 botanicals that form the complex, distinctive palate of KWV Cruxland Gin.

A dramatic story for an equally game changing gin. Cruxland is made in the London Dry style but has got the unique twist of being flavoured with the Kalahari truffle.

Peter Morrell, Food and Drink Editor of AboutMyGeneration comments “In a world of premium gins this is a stand-out. The bouquet has floral and sweet notes with muted aromas of resinous pine and juniper.

The floral character persists on the palate and is joined by a roller coaster ride of orange citrus. The taste is sweet and perfumed with an underpinning earthiness from the truffles.

The finish is long and sustained with a permeating warmth.

You can drink this as a gin and tonic, in a martini and it’s ideal for making a negroni with the sweetness balancing out the bitterness of the Campari

Cruxland Gin is now available in the UK from leading wine and spirit merchants.