Glen Marnoch Limited Release Islay Whisky

Peter Morrell tastes this Scotch Single Malt from Aldi which offers a powerful and intense drinking experience at an unbelievable price

Whisky Glass

If you want to show your whisky loving Dad that you really care about him this Father’s Day then I may have just found the ideal present, the Glen Marnoch Limited Release Islay Single Malt Whisky from Aldi.

First some background, Islay is by area the smallest of the designated whisky distilling regions in Scotland. But what it lacks in size it more than makes up for in the quality and intensity of the whisky it produces.

Islay sits at the southern end of the Inner Hebrides and due west the next land is Canada, so it’s an island that is exposed to the full force of the Atlantic. Imagine an ocean storm in winter with the aroma of iodine from the seaweed being tossed up on the shore, the taste of salt on the wind and the sweet smell of peat smoke coming from the fires of people keeping warm. Now wrap up all of these elements into a bottle of whisky and you’ve got Glen Marnoch Islay.

So this is the provenance of the whisky, but what is it like? The bottle itself is attractively packaged in a presentation drum giving it a feel of luxury and a prestige gift.

When drinking this whisky it’s worth taking time to full appreciate its character. I deliberately didn’t drink it with water or ice as it is so finely balanced it would be a shame to spoil its complexity. On the nose there is a distinct smokiness which is mixed with the ocean fresh smell of seaweed and iodine together with a slight nuttiness. On the palate it shows smooth sweetness and an even more intense smoky flavour intertwined with vanilla oakiness and the slight astringency of ozone. The finish is very persistent and a reminder of the pleasure of drinking it.

If you do want to venture into cocktail making it would create a lovely ‘Rusty Nail’ – two parts Glen Marnoch Islay, one part Drambuie, mixed and poured over ice with a slice of orange as a garnish.

This is a lovely drink which has got a hypnotic draw and I can thoroughly recommend it, I must keep dropping hints to my daughters before Father’s Day this year.

Glen Marnoch have also got two other whiskies in their range, the Speyside Single Malt and the Highland Single Malt. So if your Dad is specific about his preferences then there are other options.

Now for the most remarkable part, the three whiskies in the range are priced at £17.49 a bottle. This is tremendous value for money compared to the £40+ that you could pay for a similar products. A real find.

The Glen Marnoch range is available in Aldi Stores