Four Fiery Sicilian Wines

Aldi has added four new delicious Sicilian wines to its range

Named “The Fire Tree” after the trees surrounding Mount Etna which often catch fire during an eruption, the range is made up of two rich reds and two crisp whites for a true taste of Sicily.


The Fire Tree Sicilian Riserva 2013, £7.99

This decadent red’s distinct flavours of red fruit and chocolate have been made all the more intense after long ageing in large oak barrels. With hints of liquorice, this wine is perfect with roast chicken or cheese. Aldi is the first in the UK to have a Riserva from Sicily.

The Fire Tree Sicilian Nero D’Avola Appassimento 2016, £4.99

For those looking for an intense fruity fix, this red is the perfect choice. With deep plum and cherry flavours, along with notes of contrasting pepper spice, the wine has a smooth and succulent finish. Pair with a cheeseboard and enjoy with good friends.


The Fire Tree Sicilian Vermentino 2016, £4.99

This vibrant vermentino has a floral nose and delicate citrus fruit flavours. Pleasantly fresh and crisp on the palate, it is ideal served alongside fresh seafood for a real taste of Sicily.

The Fire Tree Sicilian Pinot Grigio Sauvignon Blanc 2016, £4.69

This well balanced blend of pinot grigio and sauvignon blanc is perfect paired with a Mediterranean salad to welcome in the spring weather. With a lively acidity, it has fresh fruity flavours and delicious hints of gooseberry.

All these wines are available now in stores and online at