NEW from Gtech – The most powerful cordless Leaf Blower

Peter Morrell is literally “Blown Away!” by this great new garden tool

British design specialist, Gtech, launches its first Leaf Blower, the most powerful in the cordless market, complementing its existing stable of cordless, high performance, garden powered tools.

Ergonomically designed, the Gtech Leaf Blower is perfectly balanced to afford unparalleled control, making it comfortable to operate throughout its 20-minute run-time. and lit

Ideal for clearing drives, pathways and gardens, its broad nozzle and powerful airspeed enables it to quickly and easily manoeuvre fallen leaves into your chosen area for collection.

There are no cables to trip you up or to limit your access, and no petrol to store or decant – simply charge and it’s ready to go. The Gtech Leaf Blower will not only handle bigger garden debris but its variable speed, controlled through a pressure sensitive trigger, also allows for instant and easy adjustment of the output power making it perfect for manoeuvring around delicate vegetation.

Peter Morrell, editor of AboutMyGeneration commented, “I reviewed the cordless Gtech lawnmower, strimmer and hedge cutter last year and was highly impressed with their performance. This latest member of the family is equally as good.

I’ve been giving my a garden a spruce up and the Leaf Blower made it a breeze. The blower is very light and the nozzle naturally points downwards making control of the air jet very easy. Another useful feature is the ability to control the strength of the jet by changing the pressure on the switch. It was ideal for clearing leaves from around my precious dahlias.

If you don’t like the thought of scooping up all the leaves, here is a tip. Blow all leaves onto the lawn and then use your Gtech lawnmower to pick them all up.

The Leaf Blower is also handy for clearing other debris. I live by a busy road and all sorts of litter appear on my drive and it was all gone in seconds with the blower.

In all a great addition to the group of Gtech garden tools which have all been thoughtfully designed to easy and effective use.”

Where to buy? The Gtech Leaf Blower (LB01) complete with charger and battery is priced at £285.99 from or can be bought as a body only (£129.99) if the customer already owns the Gtech Lawn Mower, as the battery is interchangeable.

The Gtech Leaf Blower features include:

  • Cordless convenience
  • Lightweight – 4.2kg
  • Variable speed – the greater or lower pressure with which the trigger is depressed, controls the air speed to allow greater control of fallen leaves.
  • A state-of-the-art lithium-ion 36V battery provides a powerful airflow of 38 metres per second (interchangeable with the Gtech Lawn Mower)
  • Large nozzle – a wide 70mm nozzle enables the Gtech Leaf Blower to steer a larger volume of leaves at once
  • Turbo fan speed of 11,500 RPM
  • Run-time 20 minutes
  • Charges in 5 hours (or in 1 hour with the Gtech Fast Charger)