Three Reasons Why El Camino de Santiago is One of the Best Long-Distance Trails in the World

At 800km long, the El Camino de Santiago trail is one of the toughest, yet most popular long-distance hiking routes. Starting at the St Jean Pied de Port in France and ending in Santiago de Compostela in Spain, it’s challenging and takes around a month to complete. Pilgrims come from all across the Globe to walk the trail, so what makes it so popular?

Below, you’ll discover three reasons why the El Camino de Santiago is one of the best long-distance trails in the world.

1. It provides much needed time out

By far the most common reason most people choose to trek the El Camino de Santiago trail, is because it provides them with some much-needed time out. If you’re stuck in a rut or tired of the same old routine, walking this long trail gives you plenty of time to think and reflect on your life.

It’s a rare opportunity to leave the rest of the world behind. No social media, advertising or technology – you really do get back to basics. It can be extremely good for the soul to just get away from everything for a while so if you’re looking to forget about your worries and be closer to nature, you might want to consider taking on the El Camino de Santiago trail.

2. You’ll meet fascinating people

As the trail is so popular, you’re going to meet quite a lot of people along the way. So, while you’ll still have plenty of time to think and reflect on life, you won’t feel totally isolated.

The people you meet along the way have many fascinating stories to tell. You’ll connect with them on a much deeper level than you do in your everyday life. These people could turn into life-long friends too. So, if you like meeting new people and learning more about different cultures and life experiences, the El Camino de Santiago trail is highly recommended.

3. It’s challenging

It’s good to challenge the body and mind and this trail certainly does that! You don’t fully understand just how challenging walking the trail is going to be until you’re actually there. Many people walk 25km to 30km each day and that isn’t just tough physically, but it also starts to challenge you mentally too. You don’t have to walk the full trail to reap the benefits. There’s tours you can book through companies like Macs Adventure Limited, which allow you to walk parts of the trail.

Overall, there’s many reasons you should consider hiking the El Camino de Santiago trail. Initially, you’ll wonder why on earth you subjected yourself to the challenge and question your sanity. However, by the end you’ll have discovered a lot more about yourself.