Three Common Misconceptions About Private Jet Travel

With private air travel becoming an increasingly popular and accessible way of flying, we could all be flying in complete luxury in the near future, enjoying gourmet meals and high-speed internet whilst in the air

Before that though, you probably want to know a bit more about private jet travel because there’s plenty of misconceptions about what flying privately might involve or cost. Here, we debunk three of the main myths that surround travelling by private jet:

Flying Privately Comes with an Extortionate Price Tag

Most people think that chartering a private jet is reserved only for the famous and the incredibly wealthy. Yes, a normal charter may cost more than flying with a commercial airline, but there are ways of flying privately for a fraction of the price.

According to leading private jet charter service, Victor, charter prices can vary massively depending on a number of factors but it’s possible to find flights with a discount of up to 75% when you choose ‘empty leg’ flights. This is when a customer has booked a one-way flight and the aircraft needs to fly back to its base to pick up its next set of passengers. You can find great deals on these journeys as they’ll generally want to avoid flying the aircraft back empty.

Chartering A Private Jet is Confusing

Another common misconception about chartering a private jet is that it is a confusing and complex process. However, this isn’t true as the private jet travel industry has used technology to develop new ways to make the whole booking experience fast and simple.

You can choose to book over the phone, request a quote online, download an app or scour the best ‘empty leg’ deals at the click of a button. What’s more, your post-booking requirements will be taken care of by dedicated support teams, such as gourmet catering options and arrangements for ground transportation. Simple!

You’ll Still Have to Queue at Security

Private jet passengers have to go through the same checks as commercial airline passengers and pass through security, but the difference is that they get to skip the queues. The security staff at private jet terminals are trained to provide a quality service to their passengers, so they’re completely customer-focused.

They aim to provide a seamless and quick service to their customers who are paying to fly privately and that means that you’ll only have to spend the minimum amount of time in the airport, cutting out waiting times and allowing you to avoid the crowds.

So, there you go! Three common misconceptions cleared up about flying by private jet. With increasingly easy methods of booking thanks to new technologies and affordable ticket prices available for chartering a private jet, you could be heading to your next destination in total style and comfort.