Food and drink in Germany

A pleasant surprise in this diverse country awaits any culinary traveller

A destination with an exciting culture, varied scenery and a long history, Germany has always known how to make an impression, and German cuisine has long been another highlight to add to the list.

Anyone planning a gourmet tour of Germany can expect an almost infinite wealth of gastronomic delights, from traditional inns to one of the more than 290 Michelin-starred and gourmet restaurants. As well as sharing the same exacting standards regarding the quality and origin of their produce, each eatery also has its own specific culinary concepts. So there is no shortage of choice when it comes to fine interpretations of traditional recipes or modern and innovative creations complete with a pleasant atmosphere and authentic hospitality.

For centuries, Germans have also appreciated good wines. So it is hardly surprising to discover that around 80,000 producers are currently cultivating vines on approximately 102,000 hectares of land, including some international award-winning varieties. Germany currently has no fewer than 13 wine regions. For the last few years, many very creative young people have joined forces with these wine producers – their wine cellars and courtyards should be an essential stop on any gastronomic trip. Whichever region you choose for your “gourmet trail” through Germany, you are sure to find a treat for your taste buds at every stop.

Here are three upcoming food and wine festivals in Germany. For a complete list go to

Europa zeigt kulinarisch Flagge zum 31. Schleswig-Holstein Gourmet Festival

The Schleswig-Holstein Gourmet Festival never fails to amaze fans of extraordinary Haute Cuisine experiences with its innovative guest chefs from all over Europe. Even in its 31st season, the accomplished Kooperation Gastliches Wikingland e.V has managed to bring together a cornucopia of interesting stove artists, who have set new benchmarks with novel ideas, techniques and preparation methods.

For the opening gala on 17th September 2017 at Romantik Hotel Kieler Kaufmann, a quintet of top chefs will prepare an extraordinary menu with regional products of high quality for the 170 guests in the state capital. 31 other events will follow with a top class star ensemble: 3 female guest chefs and 16 male chefs will be presenting their impressive talents, which delight the soul between 17th September and 4th March 2018.

Weyher Wine Panorama – food, wine and views

Fine wine and good food are on the menu for this vineyard walk with panoramic views.

A special miniature ‘train’ takes visitors up to the start of the wine walk on Michelsberg hill. Vintners and chefs work together in the pavilions spread around the vineyards to ensure that the hearty Palatinate specialities and creative local tapas match up to the range of wines provided by the nine winemakers.

The Dürkheim Wurstmarkt Wine Festival: the largest wine festival in the world

The Wurstmarkt, which curiously translates as ‘sausage market’, is in fact the world’s largest wine festival. It was originally established as a market for farmers and winegrowers in the 15th century. Since then, it has grown from a local wine festival in the Palatinate into a vast public fair and is one of the highlights of the 85km German Wine Route.
Around 300 award-winning wines and sparkling wines form the core of the festival.

Nine days and nine nights of fairground rides, performances and catering outlets create a unique experience to be enjoyed by all the family. The large number of bands, playing music from a variety of genres, are sure to put visitors in a good mood!

At the heart of the Dürkheim Wurstmarkt are the wine stalls, known as wheelbarrow stands, which are built each year in the traditional style. They are the perfect setting to meet with friends and enjoy the award-winning wine, which is served in large tumblers known as dubbegläser or schoppengläser.

The event culminates in a spectacular fireworks display over Michelsberg hill.