Why Private Jet Usage is Becoming More Popular

The way in which we travel had changed immeasurably over the past few decades. In some cases, superfast trains connect continents, whilst air travel has become more reliable and accessible to just about anywhere in the world. A big trend in air travel today is for people to go their own way by private jet, shunning the main airlines.

Although private jets only form a small part of the wider market for air travel, it is growing in popularity for a number of reasons. There are over 12,500 private jet owners in the US, with countries such as Brazil and Mexico seeing demand soar.

Flying privately allows passengers to avoid some of the inconveniences that come with some of the major commercial airlines. These include queues at terminals, postponed flights and, in extreme circumstances, flight cancellation.

Obscure Destinations

In hiring a private jet to get around, passengers may be able to travel to more obscure destinations such as airfields. They can also choose when to fly too, depending on the opening times of the departure point and destination. This flexibility gives flying privately an advantage that many business passengers will welcome.

Extra space is another reason why more people are looking to private jets. The growing number of empty leg flights gives people who need to book an emergency flight the capacity to do so. These flights are ideal for anyone who just wants to buy a ticket for a one-way journey or finds seats hard to come by when flying commercially.

Many of those flights do have the destination and departure times pre-determined. However, this saves the hassle of searching high and low for a flight time. As a last-minute solution, it can also be surprisingly good value, particularly if there are a lot of spare seats available on certain flights.

New Trends

Flying private jets gives passengers the opportunity to add a personal touch to their journeys. Through new technology such as in-flight entertainment apps and, of course, superfast WiFi, passengers can relax or work en route to their destination. Most air passengers said that WiFi is what they want most on-board, something which is becoming more prevalent on private jets.

Personalised security measures, luxury seating and on-board bars are also helping to see private jets become more popular. That, alongside added convenience and greater availability, will give passengers travelling for business or leisure another option when planning their next big journey across the world.