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After a major building project Peter Morrell had a big cleaning problem – until he discovered two products by VAX

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For the last six months I have had major renovation work done to my house. It involved the demolition of an existing Victorian scullery, the rebuild of a much bigger extension, installation of a new kitchen and the removal of a wall between the new building and the dining room. The end result is beyond expectation but I was left with two big cleaning issues. Although the builders had been very careful the entire house was completely covered in dust, not just the carpets but all the furniture and hard to reach shelves and windows. The second issue was how to keep 50 square metres of polished porcelain tiles clean in an area that is part kitchen and part garden room. After some lengthy research on the internet I discovered the VAX products. I’d owned and liked their original wet and dry drum vacuum cleaner in the late 1980s so I knew their pedigree. For my dust problem I chose the Vax Blade 32V Cordless Vacuum Cleaner. This is their powerful cordless model and I was impressed with its lightness and portability. The Blade 32V comes in three segments, there is a handheld vacuum which contains the motor and collects the debris, a extension wand and a range of attachments. There is also a storage bag, wall bracket and the charger I started with the carpets using the wheeled wide brush attachment. The wand allows you to tilt the brush head in any direction making it easy to get under furniture and into tight corners. There is a boost function for extra power and a button to rotate the powered brush. Using both of these together it raised the pile of the carpet and in a short space of time picked up an amazing amount of dirt. The bagless dust collector is very easy to empty with a single catch. I then detached the wand and plugged the brush head direct into the handheld unit to work on the stairs. Again it made short work of the treads and I quickly cleaned all four flights to the top of the house. It was time to do the dado and plate rails, the door architraves and furniture. I used the wand and multi-angled brush accessory for this, the wand and brush gave me reach to higher level surfaces and the brush was great for getting into the detail of furniture and removing the dust from the sofas and curtains. In all a great clean up job, the powerful motor runs for 45 minutes on a single charge (indicator lights tell you the current batter power) and it’s light enough to use over a long period. When you have finished you can put it in its storage bag or the VAX Blade 32V Cordless has got a very stylish, modern look so you can keep it on display on its wall mounting. Before starting work on the tiles I used the multi-surface VAX Blade to vacuum off the loose dirt. For the polished porcelain I had selected the VAX Steam Fresh Power Plus Steam Cleaner. It features a twin reservoir for water and detergent in its handheld unit together with the controls. Again there is an extension wand, a scrubbing brush, a delta shaped mop and a soft brush for more detailed work like soft furnishings. There is also a starter bottle of detergent. Using it couldn’t be simpler, plug in the generous 8 metre cord and and you’re all set. You only have to wait for seconds before it heats up and you are ready to clean. There are four settings, low and high steam and low and high with detergent added. My first cleaning challenge was that the tiles had been imported from the United Arab Emirates and to stop them scratching during transit the surface had been coated with a nano wax. Before getting the VAX steam cleaner I had used a regular mop which left the tiles smeared with the wax that defied being moved. The VAX steam cleaner did the trick, with no detergent just steam it melted the wax which could be wiped off easily. Now that the floor was free of wax maintaining it was simple. I started with the compact scrubbing brush and it quickly removed the stains, the scrubbing brush was particularly good on the grouting and for stubborn dirt there is a foot operated steam boost button that soon deal with the toughest areas. The floor dried in minutes and left it both clean and with a very fresh smell. If you want to perk up your carpets then click the scrubbing brush into the mop attachment which had a carpet glider and microfibre cloth. Using short bursts of steam your carpets will be brighter and cleaner in no time There is also an attachment with a soft brush that can be used both with and without the extension wand to clean curtains and other soft furnishings. For very detailed work there is a precision nozzle to get into hard to reach places. Like the vacuum cleaner this was light and had a stylish design. I was impressed with both of these cleaning products, they are very efficient and the clever design makes them highly versatile ensuring that your house looks good and smells good. You can buy these and a wide range of other cleaning solutions from the VAX website Details of the products I used

Vax Blade 32V Cordless Vacuum Cleaner with Toolkit

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Vax Steam Fresh Power Plus Steam Cleaner

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