Culinary Germany – Taste before you Travel

As well as its richly deserved reputation for culture and beautiful scenery Germany is also an ideal destination for foodie travellers. Peter Morrell reports

Most of you will have heard of Black Forest gateau, it’s a dessert that originated in Germany and is popular worldwide. However have you heard of Black Forest smoked ham? This and many other lesser known delicious dishes make the country’s cuisine uniquely different. There is an enormous array of sausages both fresh and dried, schnitzels, pork hock and pretzels, and a special treat in Spring, plump white asparagus with hollandaise sauce. You also can’t forget the drinks, beers from blonde to dark, some cloudy and even smoked, a huge variety of fruity red and aromatic white wines and there is the schnapps and that darling of the young, Jagermeister.

If you are still not sure if the culinary scene is right for you then why not sample some traditional Germany fare here in the UK? There are lots of restaurants and delis that sell all of the above and more. Here is a round-up of restaurants and delis where you can taste for yourself.

The German Gymnasium
King’s Cross, London

Here you will find a large menu that includes a range of schnitzels and sausages, seasonal dishes like Leberkndelsuppe, calves liver dumplings in a beef broth, and of course Black Forest Gateau. Drinks wise there is a range of draught German beers served in pint glasses or one litre steins and bottles of smoked beer. German red and white wines are listed, look out for whites made from the muller-thurgau and gewurztraminer grapes.

Bavarian Beerhouse
Old Street and Tower Hill, London

Every Thursday to Saturday is a year round Oktoberfest with dirndl clad servers brandishing steins of foaming German beer. Don’t go here for a quiet night out this is unashamedly a party venue. Earlier in the week there are special deals, with schnitzel madness on Tuesday and a meat feast on Wednesday featuring pork hock, by the way if you have never tried this you are in for a surprise, it’s a joint of meat that would serve a family of four but everyone gets their own. There are lots of German beers, schnapps and wine available.

Herman Ze German
Charing Cross, Soho. Fitzrovia in London

This is THE place to get sausages particularly the highly popular currywurst, choose different styles and different heats then just enjoy. If curry is not your thing then bratwurst, bockwurst and veganwurst are also available, add a side of sauerkraut for extra authenticity. This place is fast and interesting

Richmond, Kingston and Kensington (opening 2018)

Stein’s is well known for perfectly executed Bavarian food. All the food and drink is authentic and imported directly from Germany. They offer lunch, snacks, afternoon coffee and cake, lunch and dinner. In addition to their original German beers, wines and schnapps the bar menu offers unique German themed cocktails. They have a good range of sausages, schnitzels, roast pork hock and sharing plates so you can try a bit of everything

If you would prefer to sample German food at home then here are a couple of delis that you can try

Hansel and Pretzel
Richmond, Surrey

Lots of products imported direct from Germany including groceries and chocolates, sausages, cooked meats and cheese,

German Deli
Borough Market stall and shop, and in London E9

This is a cornucopia of genuine German food with a large range too long to list. Tale a look at the categories on their website and do some culinary exploring.

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