Former Nobu Chef Launches Filipino Menu “Asia’s Last Secret Cuisine” at YUU Kitchen Restaurant, Spitalfields

Paying homage to former Nobu Chef Jon de Villa’s heritage, Yuu Kitchen has added a new section to their menu dedicated to Pinoy classics with a Jonny twist

The New York Times recently stated: “Filipino foods are finally entering the American mainstream” and The Independent said last year: “Nicknamed as Asia’s last secret cuisine, Pinoy food is all about exciting vegetable side dishes, salty slow cooked pork and lavish sauces.”

Guests can expect to enjoy PORK SISIG LOLLIPOPS | 7.50 7hr pineapple juice braised pig’s head, Japanese panko, chives, tangy adobo mayo, chicharron dust CHEESE AND UBE PUTO | 7.50 steamed bun, spicy house-made chorizo Bilbao (beef & pork) caramelised onion, avocado, roasted garlic aioli CRISPY PIG’S EARS | 5.00 3hr slow cooked pig’s ears, honey soy glaze, sesame seeds, pickled radish, chives CHICKEN INASAL | 7.50 ancho grilled chicken thigh, green papaya acharra sweet pickle LECHON KAWALI | 9.00 12 hour braised pork belly, mama sita’s sauce. Desserts include: BANANA TURON (v) | 6.50 spring roll with ice cream, cashews PANDAN SUMAN MALAGKIT (v) | 6.50 coconut caramel.

The new menu will be available from Monday 9th April

These delicious dishes can be washed down with two Pinoy-inspired cocktails: THE DRUNK CALAMANSI | 9.00 rum, pineapple juice, calamansi juice, apple syrup, blue curacao (calamansi is native to the Philippines as a small citrus fruit, a hybrid between a mandarin orange and a kumquat, it is commonly used in food and drink.) The delicate flavours of the Pandan Leaf (recently called the new matcha by Nigella) can be enjoyed in THE PANDAN FAN |10.00 pandan syrup, rum, yuzu bitters.

I’m excited to share flavours that I grew up on in the restaurant with our guests. Our guests have really enjoyed some of our classic dishes like the Adobo wings (using my mum’s adobo recipe) through to the weekly YUUSpecials where I can experiment with new dishes; I know that our guests are ready to enjoy more Filipino flavours and these ones have an extra twist.” –  Chef Jon de Villa.

Filipino cuisine is a mix of Indian, Chinese, Spanish and American influences, in line with the major waves of influence that had enriched the cultures of the archipelago, as well as others adapted to indigenous ingredients and the local palate.

In addition, the RAW section of the menu has been enhanced to highlight Chef Jon’s experience at Nobu and his sashimi skills. Guests can enjoy TUNA KINILAW |12.00 coconut milk, cafa lime leaves, lime juice, chilli, red onion (Kinilaw is the Filipino Ceviche) SCALLOP | 8.00 black hawaiian salt, yuzu oil, jalapeño dressing HAMACHI |13.00 yuzu, coriander, wasabi salsa, onion oil, WAGYU TARTARE |15.00 australian wagyu, charcoal bread, quail egg, cornichon, spring onion, wasabi, ponzu (one of last year’s most popular YUUSpecials.)

Also in the month, Yuu Kitchen will launch a brand new market stall in the newly refurbished Spitalfields market with a traditional Filipino menu offering. BASES will include Pansek Behon – Noodles with pork and chicken
Pansek Behon (v) – Noodles with veg MAINS
Langanesa Adobo – Sweet sausage cooked on grill with Adobo sauce.
Curry Manok – Chicken and coconut curry
Curry Gulai with Jack Fruit SIDES
Ensaladang Talong Filipino Mac & cheese Pandesal rolls DESSERT
Ube soft serve ice-cream. The Lunchboxes will be priced at £7per box. The stall will be called “Hoy Hoy” (meaning “hey hey”) by Yuu Kitchen.

The core menu at Yuu Kitchen remains south-east Asian. A selection of favourites since opening have made a come back including the Beetroot dumplings and Grilled cauliflower.

Some core guest favourites include the sweet and sticky eggplant, 7Up braised pork belly Bao, Crispy rice and salmon and tofu spring rolls. Yuu Kitchen’s Bao buns are Vegan (the buns, not the fillings.) The menu can be accommodated well for those with dietary requirements and allergies/intolerances.

Yuu Kitchen is inspired by the fun and freshness of flavours from south-east Asia and the Pacific Rim. The restaurant is managed by two of the Directors, Australian friends, Stephen Lowe (General Manager); a long time London restaurant manager, previously of ICEBAR London and Jon de Villa (Head Chef); previously of Nobu, Nobu Berkeley, Bone Daddies and Zafferano.

Yuu Kitchen
29 Commercial Street
London E1 6NE
020 7377 0411