Celebrate the Royal Wedding with Chambord’s Queen of Hearts Cocktail. Clink clink!

Hip-hip! My little turtle doves, the Royal Wedding is just around the corner, so celebrate by raising a toast to the happy couple


And the most elegant and stylish way to celebrate is with a Chambord Black Raspberry Liqueur based cocktail that is fit for the Queen of Hearts. Here’s the recipe.

Chambord Queen of Hearts Cocktail


  • 25ml Chambord Black Raspberry Liqueur
  • 25ml premium gin
  • 25ml fresh grapefruit juice
  • 10ml fresh lemon juice
  • 2 sage leaves
  • Dash of soda water
  • Good quality raspberry jam

Coupette or Martini


  1. Simply add the Chambord, gin, grapefruit juice, lemon juice and sage leaves to a cocktail shaker with ice and shake hard to the beat of the drum.
  2. Paint the inside of your glass with good quality raspberry jam and strain the liquid in a chilled coupette or martini glass and top with a dash of soda water. Voila!
  3. To complete the look and flatter your queen, garnish your Chambord Cocktail with a mini Queen of Hearts playing card.
Chambord Black Raspberry Liqueur limited edition summer giftbox

After the wedding, with a warm summer stretching before us, we can still continue to celebrate. Chambord Black Raspberry Liqueur is launching limited edition summer giftbox. The summer box, the first of Chambord’s new limited-edition boxes, can be added to your collection, and will soon be sitting pretty on the drinks trolley.

Celebrate summer with Chambord Black Raspberry Liqueur and make the eyeballs smile, by following your pincers to Waitrose, Sainsbury’s, Morrisons or Tesco, to pick up the new box from 1st July.

At an RRP of £8.00, the piggy bank will still rattle. Bon!

Summer is the perfect time to gather your mademoiselles around a BBQ or picnic and sip on a delicious Chambord Royale or Chambord Spritz.

So just peek your eyeballs at these simple recipes and voila! The bubbles will make music for the ears.

Chambord Royale

You take the fizz, you top with Chambord, and puff! Now watch your bubbles bloom.


  • 15ml Chambord Black Raspberry Liqueur
  • 125ml Champagne, prosecco or cava
  • A raspberry (to garnish)

Pour your favourite fizz into a flute glass and top with Chambord. Garnish with a raspberry.

Chambord Spritz

Feeling thirsty? Do not waste time making complicated drinks when this light, fruity and refreshing drink does the trick.


  • 50ml Chambord Black Raspberry Liqueur
  • 125ml dry white wine (Editor’ Note – Try using an NZ Sauvignon Blanc, it’s delicious)
  • Soda

Pour dry white wine into a large wine glass filled with ice. Add Chambord and then top with soda. Bon!

Chambord can be purchased from all participating major supermarkets throughout the UK (RRP: £8.00, 20cl).

About Chambord

Chambord is a luxurious French black raspberry liqueur, with intense raspberry and vanilla notes, which is perfect to enjoy with champagne or any sparkling wine as a Chambord Royale, or in a host of favourite cocktails.

According to legend, Chambord was inspired by a luxurious raspberry liqueur produced for French royalty in the 17th Century.

Made from an infusion of the world’s finest black and red raspberries with Madagascan vanilla and XO Cognac, Chambord continues to inspire cocktail and culinary creations around the world.