Top Life Coach reveals five signs you need more friends

Five ways to make more – A guide to making new connections

When do we know when it’s time to shake-up your social circle? It’s said that we can only maintain under 150 relationships at once, but the perfect number of pals is different for everyone. Whether you feel your friends are totally toxic or you simply want someone new to hang with, needed new friends is nothing to feel bad about.

Top Life Coach Carole Ann Rice knows the desire to make new connections in life is something we all experience. So, here are her top five signs you need more friends, and five ways to make more:

1. Reliant – best friends are a must-have; they’re a way to build platonic intimacy, security, and above all, happiness. But if you find yourself spending all your time with one or two people, when they’re busy, it can leave you lost and often waiting on them.

Solution – network: and not just adding your co-workers on LinkedIn. Go to networking events and meet up groups. Expand your circles and reach out to new people.

2. Un-exciting – the more we see the same person in a short time, the more catching-up with them can feel like a repeat. Don’t let your friendship turn into the +1 channel and be up-to-date all the time with nothing new to talk about.

Solution – special interest groups: in today’s society, there is a group for everything – French cinema clubs, archaeology clubs, book club, knitting club – you name it, it’s there. Think about what interests you and join a group to find like-minded people. You only need to go to a club 3 or 4 times before you become settled and make friends.

3. Isolated – if you feel like you have no one you can turn to. Feeling we can’t count on anyone can leave us emotionally empty.

Solution – start your own group: this could be in real life or on some digital forums. It can be on whatever you want it to be – if you love Britain’s Got Talent, start a forum and chat about each episode online with others that love it. Even though they are remote friends, they still mean something to you and give you a sense of belonging and connection.

4. Nothing to look forward to – while everyone else is shouting “Friyay,” you’re silent. Not looking forward to weekends or evenings as you have nothing to do is all too common when your friendship circles aren’t clicking. In fact, you’re usually a workaholic – you love going to work and working late as it gives you something to do.

Solution – reach out to old friends: whether it be an ex-colleague, a school friend or even an old romantic partner, reach out and rekindle past flames. In the world of the internet, this is easier than ever before.

5. Turning up alone – spinning classes are never the same without the solidarity of having a friend there. Neither is going to the cinema to catch a screening of that film you’ve been waiting all summer for solo. Even if you have friends, there might be one or two things you do solo for as your pals aren’t interested in the same things as you. As much as we can’t expect our friends to be there 24/7, finding that you do most of your hobbies alone isn’t preferred.

Solution – find friends for different parts of your life: gym, book club, shopping, cinema, drinking. You don’t have to have one all-inclusive, sample sale friend to do everything with. Expand your reach and match your friends with the different partst of you.

Carole Ann Rice from Real Coaching Co is one of the UK’s leading life coaches and personal development experts. She helps people all around the world discover the best version of themselves. Much of her work involves focusing on the here and now and is different to what you may experience in therapy.

Life coaching is all about goal-setting and implementing techniques to achieve success and true happiness. Carole Ann, Winner of Best Coach in the Best Business Women’s Awards 2017, works with her clients to improve relationships, diet, energy, health and well-being and confidence.

Carole Ann’s clients are empowered – as she believes in you even when you don’t! She’s 100% committed to your success and offers continued support every step of the way.