zzysh® The Drinker’s Companion

Enjoy your wine and Champagne one glass at a time

Have you ever wanted to enjoy just a glass or two of wine with dinner and preserve the rest for another occasion? Or have you received good news and want to celebrate with just a glass ob bubbly without having to worry about the rest going to waste? The answer has now hit UK shores – zzysh® Wine and Champagne preservers help protect open bottles of wine and Champagne from oxidation and loss of fizz for weeks. Using a unique Swiss patented technology, zzysh® replaces the air in a wine bottle with a protective atmosphere of inert argon gas, and in a Champagne bottle with a mixture of argon and CO2 gas.

Designed by Manfred Jüni, these are among the most innovative and easy to use drink accessories on the market. The zzysh® system is compact, portable and cost effective. Unlike vacuum pumps, classic stoppers or wine pouring systems that merely reduce oxygen, the zzysh® system completely eliminates it with argon gas (and CO2 for Champagne). This preserves a liquid’s quality, natural flavour and fizz after opening, ensuring the exact same tasting experience next time.

zzysh® Wine Preserver:

This Swiss technology replaces the air in a bottle with 100% food-grade argon gas to protect wine from oxidation and loss of flavour. Unlike vacuum systems, zzysh® creates a protective film on the wine’s surface to preserve a wine’s colour, aromas and flavours. Argon is the third most abundant gas in the earth’s atmosphere, is heavier than air and has no reaction when in contact with wine.

Enveloped by this argon gas atmosphere, and shielded by the innovative zzysh® Wine Stopper, wine is perfectly protected. The stopper fits on all kinds of wine bottles, and each zzysh® Wine Cartridge can be used for up to eight applications.

zzysh® Champagne Preserver:

Opened sparkling wine bottles are pressurised with a mixture of 100% food-grade argon/CO2 gas and shielded by the zzysh® Champagne Stopper, to protect sparkling wines from oxidation and loss of fizz. The stopper works with a wide variety of sparkling wine bottles. Each zzysh® Champagne Cartridge can be used for up to four applications.

The zzysh® Wine Preserver and Champagne Preserver each cost £79.90, with additional products also available from www.zzysh.me/uk

The zzysh® system

After many years of research, testing and trials, zzysh® was born – a revolutionary wine and sparkling wine preservation system that keeps a bottle’s natural taste for longer. Today, based in the idyllic Swiss town of Murten, the zzysh® system has expanded globally and is used by wine experts and aficionados all over the world.