VAX have done it again with the launch of the VAX Blade 2 MAX

Just when you thought cordless vacuum cleaners couldn’t get any better VAX have introduced a brand new innovative model. Peter Morrell reports

I have been a fan of VAX since they launched their bright orange carpet cleaner 40 years ago. Over time I have used both the VAX Blade and the VAX Steam Cleaner (Read the review here).

I’ve recently been using the new VAX Blade 2 MAX and have found it mighty impressive. VAX have broken so many barriers in terms of suction, pick up efficiency, a powered brushbar, length of runtime, weight, maneuverable and versatility.

In my house I have large areas of carpets and porcelain tiles, the new VAX Blade 2 MAX deals with both types of floor covering easily.

One of the most interesting aspects is that my clean looking carpet yielded a lot of extra dirt particularly in Boost mode.

The VAX Blade 2 MAX quickly converts from upright to handheld and with all that extra dirt being picked up emptying is clean, quick and simple.

In all a re-definition of the cordless vacuum cleaning market

VAX Blade 2 MAX features include:

Design comfort Ergonomic design has played a major role in re positioning electronics to make them easier to use and see.

Brushless Motor
The suction required to generate the best levels of pickup performance can only be achieved with a brushless motor. Working with the VAX Core processor, the VAX brushless motor has been developed to provide the highest levels of performance, for longer. It’s also more durable and quieter too.

Motorised brushbar
The floorhead contains a motorised brushbar that can be turned on/off to lift out ground in dirt and deep clean higher traffic areas; its particularly useful for pet hair removal.

VAX Core™
The VAX Core™ monitors the state-of-the-art lithium-ion battery, which powers the brushless motor, controlling it using advanced microprocessor technology to ensure total synergy produces the highest possible performance and consistent power, from start to finish. 2-in-1 Handheld Its 2-in-1 design means a simple click of a button converts the VAX Blade 2 MAX from upright handstick to handheld, making it versatile to clean floors and above the floor surfaces and furnishings

Long runtime
VAX Blade 2 MAX defaults to standard mode as soon as it is switched on, providing a generous 45-minute run time.9 Boost mode can be turned on and off throughout the clean and will reduce the run time depending on your use. Twelve minutes of boost cleaning is available from one full charge.

Easy to charge
Fully charged from flat in three hours using the charger supplied.

The complete handstick weighs in at lightweight 3.1kg, reducing to 2.0kg when used in its handheld mode, taking the strain from vacuuming, particularly when reaching into hard to reach corners, up high and down low. It is also highly manoeuvrable with a low-profile head that rotates allowing you to clean under and around furniture.

emptying A simple button makes the 0.6 litre dust collector easy to remove from the handstick (alleviating the need to lift the entire unit over the bin) – simply hold over the bin and press the quick release catch to flip open its lid and dislodge debris direct into the bin.

Easy to clean
Especially designed with a quick release function, the VAX Blade 2 MAX motorised brushbar is easy to remove and clean; simply run scissors or a blade along the engineered cutting groove to release hair and fluff and maintaining optimum cleaning performance. Washable filters can be simply removed, rinsed under the tap and air dried on the side.

LED Headlights
Not just for effect, these cool LEDs bring dust into the spotlight revealing debris that you might never have seen, and a cleaner home as a result!

A crevice tool and dusting tool.

Easy to store
A wall mount is included with the VAX Blade 2 MAX making it easy to stow out of the way, or neatly in plain view ready to use

Where to buy?

Available exclusively from priced £249.00, in September 2018. Available also, in John Lewis, Currys and Argos from October 2018.