Paranormal London by Gilly Pickup

A fabulous collection of ghostly hauntings in London. If you are not a true believer in the paranormal when you start to read this book, you will be by the end!

London’s shadowed alleyways, ancient buildings and misty open spaces simply swarm with phantoms – spirits of the famous and the forgotten, the lovelorn, the loveless, the damned, the damnable. Paranormal London takes the bold ghost seeker on a hair-raising journey to visit and explore some of this capital’s spookiest places.

We visit the haunts of murderers, sail on a phantom boat and spot a poignant spectral soldier as he guards his fallen comrade. There are close encounters with chilling manifestations at infamous 50 Berkeley Square and the wails and tormented screams from Jack the Ripper’s eternally restless victims as they roam the East End’s cobbled streets. You can find a headless duke, visit the graves of plague victims and come into contact with an unseen force that tries to push you downstairs.

These London spirits and phantoms come in all guises. Malevolent aristocrats, monks, nuns, actors, white, green and grey ladies, monarchs and wronged parlour maids too. Of course, there are no shortage of modern day ghosts as well as plenty of wicked poltergeists, headless horses, spectral pets and orbs galore, Where can you go – or avoid going – to see the Black Nun? Or the antique wheelchair that moves of its own accord terrifying those who hear its squeaking wheels approaching? What could you see from Westminster Bridge on nights when the silver moon pokes ghostly fingers through the blackness? Where have two people have been frightened to death – literally?

Many of the city’s most famous landmarks are haunted but hundreds of lesser well-known sites boast paranormal happenings – pubs, hotels, parks and tunnels, churches, roads, underground stations, banks, cinemas, council estates and the lake in St James’ Park.

If you are not a true believer in the paranormal when you start to read this book, you will be by the end!

Peter Morrell, Editor of AboutMyGeneration comments “London will never feel quite the same again after reading Gilly’s book. It’s a fascinating collection of terrifying tales and ghostly goings on, many in places you would least expect.

While reading the book I loved the way that Gilly conjured up atmospheric environments before describing in chilling detail what paranormal events had taken place.

This book is must for people interested in ghouls and spirits and would captivate people who live in or visit London and would like to know the dark secrets that lurk in their seemingly normal world. The book would also be an ideal and entertaining Christmas present.

Paranormal London is published by Amberley Publishing and available from Amazon and other good booksellers with an RRP of £14.99 ISBN:978-1-4456-8553-3

The Author

Gilly Pickup is a journalist and author. She writes about travel and cruise, wellbeing, food, health, history, art and culture, wildlife, arts, gardens and the paranormal for publications such as the Daily Telegraph, Daily Express, The Scotsman, Woman’s Own, Discover Britain, My Weekly and Sainsbury’s Magazine. Extracts of her work are available at She is also the author of The A-Z of Curious London.