New restaurant PATRI Indian Train Food opens in Ealing

Street Food? We’re done. 2019 is the year of Train Food

New restaurant PATRI in Ealing evokes the tastes and aromas of foods found on some of India’s most iconic rail journeys.

From rail side snacks cooked on the platform and handed to travellers through the windows of passing trains, to dishes cooked and served on board, Patri’s menu centres around India’s historic railway stations and their distinct culinary journeys.

Patri founder, Puneet Wadhwani (also founder and creative director of Chai Naasto, Hammersmith), has created a never-before-seen menu bringing to life the snacks and dishes he once ate as a child growing up in New Delhi and travelling around the country on India’s great railways.

The menu at Patri (meaning train track) features foods from journeys departing from Puneet Wadwhani’s beloved home town station of New Delhi as well as the grand Marwar Junction.

Food from New Delhi Station

The capital of India and place of origin of the wildly popular butter chicken. Meanwhile, Old Delhi heavily influenced by Mughall cuisine, is where you’ll find tender kebabs, fragrant curries and all manner of chaat.

Dishes include:

  • Achari malai paneer tikka – paneer marinated in spices and mustard oiland chilli £7.95
  • Lasuni chole palak – chickpeas stir fried with burnt garlic and spinach £5.95
Food from Marwar Junction

Jodhpur is the second largest city of Rajasthan. Home to the Rajputana style of cooking which focusses on gamey meats made with spicy marinades and elegant royal sweets. Here, 75% of the population is vegetarian leading to some of the best veggie food in the country.

Dishes include:

  • Girlfriend Chaat – Insanely hot dry spice mix with even hotter namkeen mix, chopped tomato and green chilli. This chaat has gained legendary status and some rate this as the world’s spiciest chat; it was once given to men to eat in front of their girlfriend – and those who didn’t flinch were deemed worthy of the object of their desire. £4.95
  • Banjara chicken– Banjara means Nomad and this spicy chicken curry is designed to keep travellers warm £9.95

The Indian Railways, first established during the British Raj, operate more than 7,000+ trains every day, carrying over 20,000 passengers on both long distance and suburban railway tracks or ‘Patri’.

139 Northfields Avenue
London W13 9QT
0203 981 3388