The Y88 Multi-Function Blender Has Finally Arrived!

For People Always On-the-Go and Busy Homemakers Tired of the Inevitable Clean Up that Comes with Serving Up a Delicious Healthy Meal

Chinese kitchen appliance giant, Joyoung, is paving the way for innovative smart blenders with the release of their Y88, a sleek and powerful multi-use device that takes advantage of the most advanced self-cleaning and noise-reducing technology to keep healthy eaters happily hands-free.

Joyoung’s products have become the gold standard in China and the company’s new Y88 proves worthy of the Joyoung name. The Y88 is a nonconventional blender-steamer hybrid that provides health-conscious consumers with a quick and convenient way to prepare nutritious meals for themselves and their families and avoid the tiresome postmeal wash-up.

Product Director, Jiang Biao Xie, claims that Joyoung’s goal in designing the Y88 was to provide consumers with convenience through innovation. He stated, “Through research, we found that the most common complaint from customers about traditional blenders is that they are difficult to clean. We believe that by using an innovative design, the Y88 has solved this problem by adopting a self-cleaning function.

The Y88 uses a three-step cleaning process to ensure that all remaining food is washed away and that the machine is thoroughly sterilised for future use. This eliminates the struggle that consumers face with other blenders when trying to clean hard-to-reach spaces near the machine’s blade. Overall, the Y88’s dual functionality, paired with the automatic wash cycle, adds to the ease and speed of healthy meal preparation.

Equipped with a 28,000 RPM duel frequency brushless DC motor, the Y88 is especially hard wearing and can quickly transform even the toughest foods into a smooth, drinkable liquid. The powerful motor and unique design of the appliance ensures that no food can escape the fast-rotating blades, so making extra fine gluten-free flours and homemade tapenade can now be achieved.

For parents, early-risers, or people longing for some peace and silence, this blender provides an additional advantage. The Y88 uses Joyoung’s patented noise-reduction technology and a flexible, automatic levelling suspension system, which ensures that the noise produced by the machine while blending or self-cleaning stays below 75db. Unlike other blenders that produce a loud, aggravating noise, the Y88 is less likely to wake sleeping children or neighbours or to interfere with relaxation.

Jiangbiao Xie, the director of the Y88 said, “For many people, the home is not only a warm living place but also a personalised space that pays attention to beauty. People hope that objects that are placed in the home, including electrical appliances, can bring beauty. Joyoung hopes to bring a new and beautiful life to consumers”.


Joyoung, established in 1994, is the leading brand in the Chinese kitchen appliance industry. The company is most well-known for inventing the world’s first soybean milk maker, but other notable creations are their automated pasta maker, power blender, and steam rice cooker. In recent years, Joyoung has continued promoting health and technological innovation but have placed greater emphasis on meeting client needs and improving the customer experience.