111 Places In The Lake District That You Shouldn’t Miss

Solange Berchemin takes you on an exploration of Britain’s Lake District like never before

Where can you find a memorial to kindness? The works of a German artist who never spoke his mother tongue after the rise of Nazism? Drink coffee among red squirrels? Discover the original meaning of ‘blackmail’ and talk to an immortal fish? Ponder the remains of a 700-year-old knight and the picture of a ghost? Or marvel at tiny owls?

Experience the less explored pockets of one of Britain’s most iconic national parks. Author and photographer Solange Berchemin leads you away from more famed attractions and invites you to a journey full of interesting enclaves, entertaining insights, cultural anecdotes and insider tips.

Discover the location of an Industrial Revolution time-capsule, a 400-year-old tree that flowers every spring, a lake where a murdered woman ‘lived’ in a miniature garden and a church with an upside-down Viking ship for a roof. Take a walk in Postman Pat’s valley, follow Peter Rabbit in Mister McGregor’s garden, patrol the lush green world of planet Takodana of Star Wars or skip up giant steps with the fairies.

With so many people in such a hurry these days, 111 Places in the Lake District That You Shouldn’t Miss is the perfect antidote to the perpetual rush and offers you the perfect break from the city.

Solange Berchemin was 18 when she travelled solo to the other side of the world, four years later, her partner took her to visit the Lake District. It was love at first sight. She has always enjoyed words and has a passion for people’s stories. If there is a story somewhere she will find it. Ten years ago, after an atypical career path which led her to pick cotton in Greece and manage the largest languages department in London (not at the same time), she turned to writing. Columnist for the Greenwich Visitor, her articles have appeared in national and international publications such as The Toronto Star, BBC Good Food, The Sunday Times.

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111 Places in the Lake District That You Shouldn’t Miss By Solange Berchemin

  • Contains numerous coloured photographs
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  • Cologne: Emons 2019
  • ISBN 978-3-7408-0378-0
  • 240 pages

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