Microplane® Gourmet Julienne Slicer

The latest addition to the Microplane® Gourmet series is the new Gourmet Julienne Slicer

Based in the USA, Microplane® is the original manufacturer to apply photo-etching technology to graters, an innovative process specifically designed to create long-lasting, ultra-sharp cutting edges.

Complementing the popular, compact paddle style Gourmet Slicer, the new Microplane® Julienne Slicer has durable razor-sharp teeth that act like tiny knives to cut ingredients precisely into long, thin uniform strips without ripping or tearing – releasing the exquisite aroma and saving hours of monotonous, and sometimes hazardous, chopping! With a perfectly set ultra-sharp blade that doesn’t need to be adjusted or reset, the new Julienne Slicer is ideal for use with cabbage and carrot to whip up a nutrient-rich, tasty coleslaw in moments. Slice celery, courgette, apple, pears and beetroot to create beautiful, colourful salads, crudités and stir-fries as well as elegant gourmet decorations for soups and desserts. And don’t forget perfect Julienned potatoes, deep fried in seconds, to make a delicious crispy savoury snack.

Functional Non-Slip Foot and Bowl Anchors allow flexible handling and protect the worktop, plate or board when using vertically and provide stability when grating horizontally over pans or bowls. With no pressure, ingredients slide quickly and easily from the blade(s) without shredding or blocking to produce perfect results every time.

The Gourmet Julienne Slicer has an ergonomic, Soft-Touch Handle – easy to hold with either hand – and a Protective Cover so it can be hung up via the loop on the handle or popped in a utensil jar or in a drawer. While dishwasher safe, simply rinsing under the tap is recommended.

Peter Morrell Editor commented “I’ve been using the new Gourmet Julienne Slicer and it has proved to be a very versatile kitchen tool. As suggested I’ve been frying delicious julienne potatoes which add a stylish and crunchy garnish to many dishes. Prepping for a stir fry is also quick and simple and allows vegetables to be cooked in seconds so that they retain their flavour and nutritional quality. In all a great addition to an enthusiastic chef’s set of preparation equipment.”

Sold separately, the Microplane® Hand Guard is designed to protect fingers and enable you to slice right down to the last piece. It’s also useful for helping you to safely direct and control whatever you’re preparing. The Hand Guard can be used with the complete Microplane® range.

Coveted by both professional chefs and home cooks, the new Microplane® Gourmet Julienne Slicer in black, RRP £24.95 (W 31.5 x D 7.5cm) and the Microplane® Universal Hand Guard in black RRP £4.95 (W 14 x D 22cm) are available from hartsofstur.com and independent cookshops nationwide.