New KitchenAid Vacuum 14cm Drawer

With the launch of the NEW KitchenAid Vacuum 14cm Drawer, passionate cooks can unlock the potential of sous-vide cooking

For the past 100 years, KitchenAid has celebrated design and creativity in the kitchen offering a wide range of chef-inspired major appliances.

The Chef Touch System – available built-in or freestanding – combines 3 quality tools; a Vacuum Machine for preserving food using the sous-vide technique, a Steam Oven for cooking and reheating and a Shock Freezer for ultra-fast chilling and freezing.

The Vacuum 14cm Drawer:

  • has 3 levels of vacuuming
  • has a double sealing system, as used in professional kitchens
  • has 7 functions for sauces, marinades, infusions and even cleaning Mussels
  • seals various containers with 3 power levels for time-intensive recipes
  • has a glass-touch interface with LDC display
  • glass lid is simple to open with a touch of a finger and easily cleaned

Sous-vide is a low temperature cooking method that brings out the flavour of ingredients, preserves nutrients and maintains optimum texture, making dishes juicy, succulent and tender. Using the new Vacuum 14cm Drawer, fresh ingredients are sealed into dedicated pouches and cooked inside the Chef Touch Steam Oven at temperatures that never exceed 100°C.

Easy storage, vacuum packed
Short and long-term storage has never been easier with the new Vacuum 14cm Drawer. Ideal conditions guarantee longer-lasting freshness working with residual pressure in the pouch at an impressive 5 mbar1, compared to the 350-500 mbar typically achieved by standard consumer vacuum sealers.

High quality, built-in or freestanding, style
With a stainless-steel frame – also available in black stainless steel – the Vacuum 14cm Drawer can be perfectly aligned with the Chef Touch Steamer for a seamless look.

Built with the perfect blend of technological innovation, quality materials, professional performance, craftsmanship and iconic design, creating restaurant quality meals at home has never been more pleasurable.

The NEW KitchenAid 14cm Vacuum Drawer KVXXX 14600 (stainless steel) RRP £,2,200 and KVXXXB 14600 (black stainless steel) RRP £2,250 are available from the KitchenAid Experience Store (98 Wigmore St) and