New from Microplane® – Professional Peeler and Pizza Cutter

The latest additions to the Microplane® range is the new Professional Peeler and Pizza Cutter

Microplane® Professional Peeler

The elegant and balanced design of the NEW Microplane® Professional Peeler with integral potato eye remover is not only ideal for easy peeling, but also for creating thin strips of fruits and vegetables for salads and decorations.

The ultra-sharp, curved stainless steel double blade swivels up to 30° to expertly contour soft and hard, long and round, fruits and vegetables such as carrots, turnips, courgettes, potatoes, parsnips, mangoes, apples and even butternut squash. Unlike traditional peelers, the Professional Peeler is slightly heavier and the blades can be moved back and forth, with little pressure, in one smooth, uninterrupted movement.

The Soft Touch, ergonomic handle, expertly created for right or left-hand use, enables the thumb and forefinger to find the optimum position for precise and comfortable use. Whilst dishwasher safe, the long-lasting stainless steel Professional Peeler can be cleaned quickly and easily by simply rinsing under the tap.

The Microplane® Professional Peeler, RRP £19.95, is available from and independent cookshops nationwide.

Microplane® Pizza Cutter

The NEW Microplane® Pizza Cutter features an ultra-sharp, round, blade that slices effortlessly through any thickness of pizza. The 3.5cm clearance means it can handle not only crusts, but also breads such as focaccia, flat breads, tarts, quiche, pies and other baked items. Unlike traditional cutters, the long-lasting blade can be removed to enable thorough cleaning by hand or in the dishwasher.

The distinct short, ergonomic, Soft Touch handle is in the ideal position for the perfect grip to apply optimum pressure in the middle, right down to the crust achieving perfect slices every time.

The Microplane® Pizza Cutter Slicer in black, RRP £15.95, is available from and independent cookshops nationwide.

Globally recognized as the grater/blade specialist, Microplane® is the original manufacturer to apply photo-etching technology to graters, an innovative process specifically designed to create ultra-sharp cutting edges. Made in the USA, the tiny teeth behave like extremely sharp knives to cut ingredients with precision rather than tearing or shredding like most stamped graters. The blade ensures that food does not stick or block, but instead gently slides along the cutting surface to produce perfect results every time, with no effort.