A Taste of the Orient comes to Westfield

Japan Centre Ichiba celebrates World Sake Day

On 1st October, Japan Centre’s Ichiba, Europe’s largest Japanese food hall will be heralding the annual occasion of World Sake Day with a fantastic line-up of giveaways, sampling and discounts, not only on the day itself but also with their World Sake Day sale on 5th and 6th October.

A significant day in the Japanese calendar, World Sake Day, also known as “Nihonshu no Hi” is recognised by the Japan Sake Brewers Association and marks a tradition dating back to 1978. Since then, it has become a national day of recognition for this premium rice-based beverage with a nod towards Japanese culture, it importantly commemorates the sake history and its numerous skilled brewers who are part of the trade.

Ichiba sells both alcoholic and no-alcohol varieties of sake in its Westfield store. There will be free tastings on 5th October from 3pm-7pm for you to try before you buy, with discounts across the Gekkeikan sake range, including their award-winning Tokusen Sake.

Seeking all discerning sake drinkers or those with a curious palate, celebrate the wonders of this national beverage at Europe’s largest Japanese one-stop-shop, and be prepared for a barrel full of fun!

Ichiba, Level -2 Westfield, London W12 7HB