Brits to Quit?

Half of Brits ready to quit the rat race, according to new research

If you’re reading this in an office, the person sitting next to you may be on the verge of walking out. According to new research commissioned by specialist insurance broker, Lifesure, half of Brits are on the edge of quitting their job and driving off into the sunset. In fact, 14 percent of those surveyed had already done it.

Getting away from it all

55 percent of Brits say they’re not wedded to their jobs, 36 percent say they dream of heading out onto the open road and one in six even claim it’s not just fantasy, they’re actually ABOUT to quit the day-to-day grind.

A third of Brits (33 percent) say they would like to just get a gang together and go somewhere for the summer while one in ten didn’t care what happened so long as they had a big life change.

Living the Van Life

Getting away from it all appears to be the big draw, with 41 percent saying they’d like to give it all up and live life on the road in a campervan. In fact, 54 percent say they’d like to convert their own van while over a half (58 percent) said they would even love to try living “off-grid”.

Given the choice of how to depart from the grey commute, Brits would like to go on a road trip in a motorhome (36 percent) with California (35 percent) being the top pick for travellers. The top five destinations were:

  • California
  • Route 66
  • Great Ocean Road
  • The Greek Islands
  • South of France

Only 7% of people are happy where they live and would not want to live anywhere else. Despite the desire for living life on the road, beach cabins (37 percent) were the top place people would most like to live in followed by a log cabin (32 percent) and motorhome (26 percent).

This research shows that people still have romantic dreams of life on the open road and we are not surprised,” said Nick Long, Commercial Director, Lifesure.

The flexibility and fun offered by campervans is second to none. By converting a van to a motorhome, owners can customise and create their ultimate home away from home, while making a saving on annual vehicle tax. You can see the appeal,” says Nick.

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