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Travellers Prioritise Time & Money Over Sustainability Says Omio

  • 58 per cent of Europeans interviewed recognise that train is the “greenest” way to travel but one in seven do not consider the environment when they travel
  • 52 per cent would take train over plane, if it saved them time
  • At least a third would choose train or bus over flying if it saved them money

Europe’s leading travel booking platform for travel by train, bus and flight – has revealed that travellers are motivated by speed when it comes to getting from A to B, but now also factor in the consideration of the environmental impact of their travel.

Research from the travel app shows that, whilst more than half (58 per cent) of Europeans surveyed recognise that train has the least impact on the environment*, 34 per cent still do not consider the environment when making travel decisions or have not even thought about this issue. This is despite climate change being a hot topic across the globe and #FlightShaming gaining traction as a movement amongst travellers.

To highlight the sometimes hidden benefit of taking a train or bus Omio has revealed 25 of the most popular routes across Europe that are quicker by train or bus than flight, demonstrating the time that could be shaved off the journey as well as the carbon emission saving, if globetrotters were to ditch the plane in favour of a bus or train. Taking the train from London to Brussels, for example, could reduce the door-to-door travel time by more than three hours versus flying, with 55% less in C02 emissions. Similarly, the journey from Paris to London is around three hours quicker by train than by plane, and also equates to a C02 saving of 55%.

The survey, conducted by YouGov in Germany, Italy, Spain, Sweden and the UK,** reveals that almost a fifth of UK respondents said they do not consider the environment (but, almost a quarter did) when making travel decisions and 19 per cent of Brits admit they’ve never thought about the effect of their travel choices on the environment. Money and time are still the key motivators when choosing transport, with at least a third of all European respondents confirming that they would be happy to take the bus or train instead of flying if it was cheaper, and half (52%) saying they would opt to travel by train if it would get them to their destination more quickly. This number was highest among UK respondents (57%).

The common perception that flying is always the fastest way to get from A to B doesn’t necessarily hold true once you consider the additional time required to get to the airport, queue at check-in or security and wait to board or retrieve baggage,” said Bertrand Etienne, Regional Director at Omio.

In fact, travelling by train or even coach can be just as quick or quicker. Add to that the high-quality accommodation onboard long-distance trains and coaches across Europe, which are generally equipped with comfy seats, refreshments, WiFi, tables and plug sockets, the benefits to the environment and the bigger baggage allowance and it becomes a highly attractive alternative.

About Omio, formerly GoEuro

Omio is a travel app and platform that allows customers to find and book trains, buses and flights across Europe. Partnering with over 800 European transport operators, Omio is revolutionising the travel planning experience, providing customers with more choice, transparent pricing and easier booking.

Omio lets travellers search for any location, including cities, towns and villages, showing the best possible transport combinations while eliminating the need to visit multiple websites to plan an entire trip. With Omio, travel planning is simple, flexible and personal.

The travel startup, founded in 2013, changed its name from GoEuro to Omio in early 2019. Omio is headquartered in Berlin with over 300 employees from 45 different countries. The most recent funding round, totalling $150 million and led by Kinnevik AB, Temasek and Hillhouse, was announced in October 2018.

Omio is a brand of GoEuro Corp.

Highlighted below are the top 25 journeys which are faster by train than flight.