Switch up your Cleaning with new VAX ONEPWR

Shareable Technology Across a Family of Cordless Cleaning Products

VAX launches a new range of cordless floorcare products powered by its innovative new ONEPWR advanced, lithium ion battery technology to provide constant, highly effective cleaning. The ONEPWR battery is shareable between the new family of ONEPWR products which introduces the new VAX GLIDE all-in-one hard floor cleaner, the next-generation range of high-performance cordless vacuums BLADE 4 and BLADE 3, as well as the grab and go carpet and upholstery cleaner VAX SPOTLESSGO, and a new handheld VAX HANDVAC for quick clean-ups.

Vax Onepwr Battery Technology takes Cordless Cleaning to the next level

ONEPWR’s fade-free lithium-ion battery has high capacity cells that are individually temperature-controlled and monitored to ensure you get optimum power to tackle every cleaning job in your home from start to finish.

The ONEPWR battery can be used in any of the ONEPWR products which means VAX ONEPWR owners can buy additional ONEPWR compatible products that can be powered by their original battery.

Likewise, if you need additional runtime, spare batteries can be purchased and charged so there is always one ready for use.

Floor To Ceiling – Inside & Out – Carpets, Hard Floors & Upholstery
Many hands make light work, and that’s exactly what you’ll find by investing in the new VAX family of cleaning products that offer high performance, convenient cordless cleaning to take the chore out of cleaning every part of your home, and more.

The new ONEPWR family of convenient, cordless floorcare launches with:


The VAX GLIDE all-in-one hard floor cleaner kills 99.9% of bacteria and takes the chore out of cleaning hard floors by helping you to save time because it vacuums, washes and dries all at the same time.

VAX GLIDE’s innovative cleaning technology means no more spreading dirty water around your house with a mop and bucket or floor wipe. Instead, the contemporary, cordless VAX GLIDE uses twin-tank technology to mix VAX solution and clean water throughout use, which efficiently extracts dirt and kills 99.9% of bacteria that is lifted away by its advanced multi-surface brush roll and collected in its dirty water tank.

Once you’ve finished washing your hard floors, its mess-free auto-clean system rinses the machine, leaving it ready for use. Its 4 Ah battery is fully charged in just three hours, and has a generous 30-minute runtime, enough to clean without recharging.

VAX GLIDE, £249.99 including 1L VAX ONEPWR Solution, and additional brush roll worth over £30 and free delivery when purchased from www.vax.co.uk

Additional VAX ONEPWR solution can be bought direct from VAX priced £9.99 (1L) or £29.99 (4L)


The new VAX BLADE 4 cordless vacuum cleaner features VAX’s best engineered brushless motor to-date, controlled by its VAX CoreTM Technology that works in synergy to produce a cordless vacuum that outperforms the UK’s top 3 best-selling cordless vacuums, and has the cleaning performance of the best-selling corded uprights.

Lightweight at 3.1kg and ergonomically designed, its 4 Ah battery is fully charged in just three hours, with up to 45 minutes high-performance cleaning time, enough to clean your whole home. Its 2-in-1 design also means a simple click of a button converts the VAX BLADE 4 from upright handstick to handheld, making it versatile to clean floors and above the floor surfaces and furnishings.

VAX BLADE 4, £219.99 including free toolkit worth over £50 when purchased direct from VAX at www.vax.co.uk

Also available is the VAX BLADE 3 with 3 Ah battery priced £179.99 including free toolkit worth over £50 when purchased from www.vax.co.uk


Perfect for homes with pets and children, VAX SPOTLESSGO is a powerful grab and go cordless, spot and area cleaner that helps you to easily tackle everyday spills and stains around your home, car, caravan or boat, and kills 99% of bacteria for ultimate hygiene5. The portable, compact unit weighs just 3.2Kg making it easy to carry. With its on-board flexible hose, SPOTLESSGO is comfortable, ergonomic to handle, and easy to store.

Its Active Jet Spray targets water and solution to stubborn stains that can be agitated and sucked away by its range of attachments from carpets, hard floors and upholstery. A handy squeegee tool is even on hand for windows and shower screens.

Also, with the ONEPWR shareable battery technology, it’s convenient and ready to be your fourth emergency service in the home.

VAX SPOTLESSGO, £149.99, www.vax.co.uk


In busy houses, it can be difficult to keep on top of the mess; the VAX HANDVAC is a convenient cordless handheld vacuum to tackle little messes throughout the day, saving you the time and effort of getting your full-size vacuum out.

Its lightweight, compact design makes it perfect to leave on the kitchen worktop or under the sink, ready to clean in tight spaces and hard to reach areas. The last-minute tidy up to car seats, mats and footwells before a trip away, and even the pet bed can have a quick refresh from the VAX HANDVAC, a great everyday product to make your life just that little bit easier.

Available as a bare unit (without battery). A perfect addition to your existing ONEPWR products as the battery can be shared with the VAX HANDVAC.

VAX HANDVAC, £49.99, www.vax.co.uk Bare unit – without battery

Where to buy?

The VAX ONEPWR family of products are available direct from www.vax.co.uk

About VAX UK – 40 years of innovation

Established in 1977, Vax caters for all your home’s floorcare needs. Its uniquely wide product range offers vacuum cleaners, steam cleaners, carpet washers and cleaning solutions. Based in Droitwich, West Midlands, its floorcare products lead the way in innovation and the mission continues to be – making cleaning quicker and easier and developing the right tool for the job.