The VAX GLIDE all-in-one hard floor cleaner – Review

Fast and effective, this domestic appliance has rapidly become Peter Morrell’s favourite tool about the house

In the division of domestic chores in my household, the shortest straw I drew was to keep the kitchen and dining area floor clean. Not much of a task you might say but since having a new extension built about two years ago I am now responsible for 500 square feet of light grey ceramic floor tiles.

So between 90 minutes and two hours of my time is allocated to cleaning the floor every weekend. My normal method is to get a mop and bucket and spread liberal amounts of water on the floor then use a window cleaning squeegee to gather up the water, soak it up and rinse the mop in the bucket. By about the third cycle of this, the water in the bucket is filthy, so this means dirt is being redistributed around the room which leaves unsightly smears.

Recently all this changed when I started using the VAX GLIDE all-in-one hard floor cleaner. Let’s start at the beginning when the VAX GLIDE arrived, the machine is almost ready to go, it only needed the handle to be clicked into place, At the rear of the machine is a reservoir for clean water, this has clear markings on it which allow the right ratio of water and cleaning fluid to be mixed (a one-litre bottle of VAX ONEPWR Multi-floor Solution comes with the machine).

In the front of the machine there is dirty water collection container, so clean water is put on the floor and dirty watered vacuumed off. After a charge of the battery, which can also be used in other VAX ONEPWR appliances, it was time to start cleaning.

The VAX GLIDE floor cleaner has two modes, HIGH and ECO, I started on HIGH in the area around the kitchen units which was more soiled. The machine is light and easy to manoeuvre on its two rear wheels. and the battery technology means there is no need for plugging and unplugging. The process of cleaning is easy, on the forward stroke you release the cleaning solution onto the floor by squeezing a trigger in the handle, release it on the back stroke to vacuum up the water together with any debris. The cleaning process is helped with a cylindrical revolving brush roller built into the machine. If there are dark corners near the kitchen units then the LED headlights will show up the dirt and stains. The entire floor is left both dry, shiny and bacteria-free.

There was something quite therapeutic about seeing the reservoir on the front of the machine being filled with dirty water. When I emptied it the big surprise was the number of food particles and grit that the VAX had vacuumed up, all of these were left on the floor using the mop and bucket.

As I moved towards the dining space I switched to ECO mode and this was perfectly adequate to leave the same quality of finish as the kitchen. The battery lasts for a generous 30 minutes and despite the amount of floor space to clean there was still a little power left for a final task.

The VAX comes with a specially designed tray for both storage and rinsing. Pop the machine in the tray, run the machine, releasing cleaning solution for a minute or two and it cleans the brush roller, simple and effective.

The final result was a floor that looked like the day the tiler finished, no smears, no stains, no food scraps and all done in under thirty minutes, so I’ve just found myself another hour+ at the weekend. I can thoroughly recommend the VAX GLIDE hard floor cleaner. cleaner floors in under half the time.

Available online from VAX with an RRP of £249.99 which currently includes a free 1 litre bottle of VAX ONEPWR Multi-floor Solution and an additional brush roller worth over £30 –