The VISITFLANDERS "Stay at Home Museum"

A Tour of Rubens House presented by the Director of Rubens House, Ben Van Beneden

Rubens house

VISITFLANDERS latest virtual art appreciation concept, the “Stay at Home Museum” has already attracted the attention of art lovers around the world. As part of its weekly tours, it has covered van Eyck (at the Fine Arts Museum -MSK in Ghent) and Bruegel (at the Royal Museums of Fine Arts Belgium), which have been viewed in 44 different countries, accounting for 330,000 views on social media to date.

This week, the “Stay At Home Museum” presents Pieter Paul Rubens, probably Flanders’ most famous painter. The Director of Rubens House, Ben Van Beneden, will present a virtual tour of Rubens House in Antwerp which was also where the artist lived and worked. Viewers who might prefer to view the tour at their own leisure, it can be seen on YouTube. (The tour will be conducted in English).

Next week, (w/c 27 April) Mieke Mels, Curator of the Mu.Zee in Ostend appraises the work of Anglo-Belgian artist James Ensor. Visitors will be transported to the coastal city of Ostend, the painter’s hometown, for a tour Ensor’s work as an expressionist and surrealist. The following week, ( w/c 4 May) in its final viewing for the time being, the focus will be via Mechelen’s beautiful Renaissance city palace, Hof van Busleyden, through the eyes of the city’s children’s mayor, Camila Ladrón de Guevara Espindola (10). Mechelen was the capital of the Burgundian Netherlands and Camila will guide viewers around a history of the city, drawing upon its most famous inhabitants such as Margaret of Austria, Erasmus and Thomas More.

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About the Flemish Masters

For over 250 years, from the 15th to the late 17th century, Flanders was the centre of fine arts in Western Europe and a source of inspiration for the famous art movements of its era: the Flemish primitives, the Renaissance and the Baroque. Flemish artists were known for their craftsmanship, creativity and technical innovations and their contributions turned what was already an affluent and urbanised Flemish region into one of the most refined cultural areas, with impressive contributions to art and architecture.


This Flemish government agency is the official tourist organisation for Flanders. The organisation strives for the sustainable development and promotion of tourism to and within Flanders, with a view to boosting the economic return, employment and the well-being of its inhabitants.

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