Siren Craft Brew launches Lumina

This new product joins an impressive array of innovative beers from Siren’s extensive range. Peter Morrell gets a taste

Siren Craft Brew, the independent Berkshire brewery has unveiled Lumina, their latest Session IPA to join the brand’s range of innovative flavour-forward, quality beer delivered in very well-designed and eye-catching cans.

I recently tried Lumina which has been crafted with the very best ingredients to produce a complex and highly enjoyable session IPA. Lumina has brought together all the skills and expertise that has been gained in creating its existing range of outstanding beers. It’s been inspired by celestial galaxies and the harmonic melodies of Siren songs, Lumina offers a unique experience whether it’s drunk on its own or paired with food.

A range of malts and both European and U.S. hops have created a layered taste experience offering floral hoppy aromas on the nose followed by an abundance of pineapple, mango and other tropical fruits on the palate. Shards of citrus give the beer a refreshing uplifting character, and a pleasant bitterness makes it ideal for drinking on its own or pairing with food.

The majority of the Silent Craft Brew range pair well with a meal, I matched Lumina with Singapore noodles which worked extremely well with this highly spiced dish. This is truly a beer sent from afar to give pleasure on Earth to everyone as it’s vegetarian and vegan friendly, and gluten-free.

I have also been sampling other Siren Craft Brew beers which have been an eye-opening experience. Here is a summary:

Suspended in Cans

This is a crisp pale ale and at 4% abv falls into the session category. It’s unfiltered so all its taste and flavour is suspended in the beer. Interestingly there is a mash-up of hops for each production run, so every batch is unique. You can find a key to the hops used on the bottom of the tin This highly refreshing drink paired well with a hot chicken curry.

Broken Dream

No food pairing with this beer, it’s almost a meal in its own right. If you like espresso martini then you will love this drink. A mix of speciality malts, coffee and hops create a dark, indulgent drink with strong coffee and chocolate flavours, and the head is reminiscent of the crema on an espresso shot. This beer was one of my favourites.

Guava Script

As a lover of Belgian kriek beer flavoured with sour cherries, this pink guava sour was excellent. It’s fruity flavours of mango and passion fruit are tempered with a pleasantly sour taste that works brilliantly with food. I paired this with Bobotie, a sweet curry from South Africa, and it was a delight.

Soundwave IPA

Siren’s most famous beer is packed with U.S. hops, Citra, Simcoe, Chinook and Columbus. They give the beer a range of big, bold flavour which will satisfy the most ardent West Coast IPA fan. There is a ton of citrus and pine resin to delight the palate. This would match well with Chinese lemon chicken.

Yu Lu

The first sip of this beer revealed the unmistakable flavours of oranges and lemons, the latter taste coming from the fruit and the oranges from the bergamot in Earl Grey tea. The tea itself lent an intriguing smokey character. It’s only got an abv of 3.6% but had the mouthfeel of a heavyweight, this would accompany Duck à l’Orange beautifully.

Half Mast IPA

The great revelation about this is that it’s only got an abv of 2.8%, making it the ultimate session beer. You could sit in the garden with friends all afternoon on a summer’s day, enjoying the beer but without the resulting hangover. There is a lot to entertain the palate in this beer; mango, grapefruit and smooth bitter notes.


This is another beer with a mash-up of dry hops which will keep your interest over the months. It’s got a bright and upbeat character and is pleasantly astringent. I drank this with a spaghetti bolognese as it was a counterpoint to the richness of the sauce.

Santo Dry Hopped Lager

This deceptively easy to drink beer hides an abv of 5%. It’s light and refreshing with good tropical and citrus notes and would pair well with delicately flavoured food like a seafood paella.

I was enamoured with all the Siren Craft Brew and congratulations to Head Brewer Sean Knight for creating such an innovative and exciting range of craft beer.

The list above is only a subset of the entire range so it’s well worth checking out the website to see them all.

You can see the beers and order online at

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