Hey Pesto! The flavour this little jar brings to the party is truly magic!

Made with the fragrant broad green leaves, stems and white flowers of Wild Garlic, as well as fresh Ligurian basil, Parmigiano Reggiano and Pecorino cheese.

Sacla’ Wild Garlic Pesto is something very special and adds exquisite flavour when tossed with pasta, spread on bruschetta with a layer of mozzarella, or drizzled over a piece of steamed fish, stirred into risotto and omelettes, added to soups, made into a sauce for meat and stirred through crushed potatoes.

Did you know … Wild Garlic is also known as Bear leek, Bear’s garlic,Broad-leaved garlic, Buckrams, Ramsons and Wood garlic.

Sacla’ Wild Garlic Pesto – RRP £2.50, 190g – is available exclusively online

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