Moldova National Wine Day

2020 inaugurates an exceptional version of The National Wine Day celebrating the country’s wine heritage on October 3rd and 4th

Moldova Wines

For 19 years, in October, the wine community of the Republic of Moldova has met on the National Wine Day to celebrate its traditions in winemaking. For 19 years, the wine festival has been growing from a local holiday into an international event, which has placed the country on the world map of wine tourism, the stands of the winemakers in the Grand National Assembly Square and the adjacent streets attracting tens of thousands of tourists (including thousands of foreign tourists) in search of authentic experiences.

The 2020 edition in the Republic of Moldova:
This year, no stands: with the “Eu deVIN sărbătoare”/ “My Wine Day” slogan, the 2020 edition will be celebrated in compliance with all safety measures. The most representative event of the country’s wine sector will review its biggest successes and the highlights of the past 19 years. And amateurs will be offered an exhibition of wine bottles labels over the years and special programs in all the wineries of the country who will welcome visitors with tastings, food pairings, music and surprises.

And over all continents:
The event will explode internationally: while hundred thousands people have enjoyed the first 18 editions of the Moldova National Wine Day, the 19th will be celebrated by millions in different countries. Professionals and amateurs are welcome to watch the MY WINE DAY Zoom webinar on 3rd October at 7 pm Moldovan time / 6 pm Paris time / 5 pm GB time, when expert tasters and journalists over all continents will do a transcontinental on-line tasting of wines of Moldova. An event hosted and conducted by the award winner Jamie Goode: columnist with UK Sunday Express and wine judge, he also appears on BBC, Sky News etc. This will give the opportunity for any passionates from all over the world to ”travel” to Moldova and learn about its indigenous grape varieties.

Wine of Moldova invite Amateurs in Moldova and in the whole world (wines are exported to 63 countries) to taste wines of Moldova on October 3rd and 4th with family and friends and proudly say: It’s “My Wine Day”! Follow, as well as Wine of Moldova Facebook and Instagram pages to find out how to participate and be up to date with the news of the 19th edition of the National Wine Day!

Moldovan wine has undergone a complete revolution in improving wine quality over the last decade, with clear proof shown by 740 medals awarded to Moldovan wines in 2019 at renowned international wine competitions. The National Office for Vine and Wine (ONVV) is the main body that manages the Moldovan wine sector, bringing its expertise and technical assistance to vine and grape growing and vinification, and embracing promotion and marketing of quality wines. The moldovan wine industry owes the ONVV the creation of the Protected Geographical Indications regions and the precious national wine and vine register.

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