How To Pack For Travel In 2020 – Top Tips For A Capsule Wardrobe

Travel Capsule Wardrobe – What To Pack For Travel In 2020


Over the last 12 months the world has changed massively from what we knew it as before and this has meant travelling is very different now, and before we travel we need to take additional steps in order to be fully prepared, such as completes a PLF form in order for the track and trace system to work if the worst was to happen and we become ill on our travels.

When it comes to packing clothes for a travel capsule wardrobe there a are few steps to follow in order to get the most out of your limited suitcase space.

Gather Your Basics
The first step to piecing together a successful capsule wardrobe is to gather your basics, this will give you the opportunity to plan your outfits and piece together other garments which you will need. If you are struggling to think of the essentials you will need here are a few basic items to get you started. When it comes to how many of each to take, your trip will dictate this either on the duration of your trip, or the facilities available as access to a laundry service will reduce the number of items you need to pack.

  • T Shirts
  • Jumper
  • Trousers
  • Shirt
  • Jeans
  • Underwear

Choose Your Outfits
A little research before you pack will help you make the most of your limited space giving you the most efficient capsule wardrobe possible. Checking what the weather has in store will tell you if you need to pack summer outfits, or if you will be in for some rainy days. Taking a look as the local climate will also help you plan and differentiate daytime and evening outfits. The idea of a capsule wardrobe is to pack a number of coordinated interchangeable outfits, so when choosing the outfits you are taking keep this in mind!

Add Your Accessories
For some people, the only way to finish off an outfit is with accessories, especially when flaunting your stuff on holiday but if accessories aren’t quite your style, why not add a little of your own personal designs to your basics with Banana Moon Clothing. There are a few accessories that any sunny holiday would not be complete without, and they are a sun hat a pair of sunglasses. When selecting sunglasses for your trip take a look at the protection the lenses can offer your eyes to avoid causing any sun damage to your eyes whilst on holiday.

No packing list would be complete without the essential toiletries you will need for your trip. This should include any products which you use on a daily basis such as certain shampoos or sensitive bodywash, or any other product you may struggle to get whilst travelling. If you are travelling for a long period of time you may struggle to take the quantity, you need due to restrictions on the quantity of liquids you are permitted to take.

Travel Essentials
Before you depart for your holiday there are still a few things to make sure you have covered. Travel insurance is essential as this can cover you in case of an emergency, as well as offering legal protection in case anything was to happen, as well as covering your electricals and devices. If you can check-in online then this will help you avoid queuing in the airport, and as mentioned before, be sure to check what additional documentation is needed at the destination where you are heading.

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