Discover the Hackney-Distilled, Uniquely Crafted Botanical Gin

Butler’s Gin is a London-based gin producer who, since 2012, has been crafting a gentle aroma using a smooth blend of juniper, lemongrass, cardamom and citrus notes

Butlers Gin

Butler’s Gin has a character to it that few other gins do – bringing something extraordinary to every occasion. Using a specialised method, The Butler creates his gin in Hackney, using a technique through rotary evaporating that brings out the purist of aromas from the blend of botanicals capturing the colour and flavour from fresh lemongrass and rich green cardamom that as a blend creates a refreshing citrus palate.

With a recipe that The Butler tweaked and developed for over two years before perfecting it, the ingredients are organically sourced, and every stage of production and craftsmanship has been researched to ensure Butler’s Gin is sustainable and kind to the environment.

The botanicals that are blended to create Butler’s Gin are regenerated into perfume, candles, soaps and from the November 2020, Butler’s will release a new fermentation of the most sustainable English Sparkling Wine on the market as Butler’s Bouquet.

Ross William Butler is The Butler and spends his time at his store designing and developing new recipes with botanicals at hand – He says “it’s a one-of-a-kind delectable experience” on 263 Well Street.

There are two words that need to work for my brand: sustainable, reliable. I want to return my produce to the earth even better than how it was cultivated. There is no single use plastic, what I produce is always re-usable for life and every item that is crafted will have a reliable source that gives you peace when you take it home. I always welcome visitors to come see what I’m up to” – Ross William Butler.

Peter Morrell, Editor comments: “I have recently tasted the gin and it has a unique character. It has a resinous spicy nose and as it moves onto the palate the juniper flavour remains foreground. Flavours from the citrus and other botanicals round out the taste nicely to produce a gentle gin that is not too dry or harsh. Pair with a Ferver Tree tonic and wedge of grapefruit for the ideal gin and tonic or pour 60ml of Butler’s over ice, add a tbsp of Noilly Prat and shake, strain into a martini glass and garnish with lemon peel for the world’s most sophisticated driink!

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