Out Now – German Justice by Marcus Fedder, author of Sarabande

On the 75th Anniversary of the Nuremberg Trials is it ever too late for German Justice?

German Justice

When the retired German judge Max travels back to Russia where he had fought during World War II, the injustice he witnessed in the past catches up with him. He finds the girl whom he had saved but can he find the former SS officers who committed these crimes? German Justice is a harrowing story of murder, love, truth and execution.

Born in 1959, Marcus grew up in Germany where discussions of WW2 were part of his childhood. He lived for many years in London, working as a banker in development finance.

In 2008, Marcus published his first novel, Sarabande, set in Sarajevo during the war of 1992. German Justice is his second novel. Marcus studied International Relations at FU Berlin, LSE and Cambridge, lives in the Swiss mountains and with the proceeds of his art supports the UK Charity Children of the Mekong. www.childrenofthemekong.org
German Justice is available on Amazon

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