Little’s are shaking up the instant coffee market

Devon-based coffee company, Little’s, is redefining the standard for instant coffee with the launch of their Premium Instant range in Waitrose stores nationwide

Littles Coffee

Known for disrupting the industry with their high-quality flavoured instants, Little’s premium Ethiopian and Colombian coffees are taking on major players in the instant coffee category and offering Waitrose customers a completely new take on instant coffee – showing just how good it can taste. What’s more, Little’s are the first UK brand of instant coffee to adopt 100% plastic-free packaging.

These coffees are so good that James Hoffmann – one of the UK’s top coffee aficionados – voted the Little’s Colombian as the best supermarket instant coffee in a blind taste test.

Will Little, owner of Little’s Coffee says, “Let’s face it, instant coffee can be a bit boring so we’re working really hard to shake things up. Interestingly, instant coffee still makes up three quarters of all retail coffee sales, so there’s a lot to go after. This new launch is ground-breaking in many ways. We’re redefining what customers can expect in terms in flavour from instant coffee.

The secret? We’re using a grade of beans rarely seen in instant coffee production. Most people don’t realise you need to use around 3kgs of beans to produce 1kg of instant – this fact alone highlights why premium beans don’t normally make their way into instant coffee.’

Little’s Colombian premium instant coffee is an excelso-grade coffee from the Antioquia region of Colombia and comes packed with a naturally distinct hazelnut flavour. As the coffee beans are grown at such high altitude, this coffee has a clean acidity and a lovely sweetness. Serve with milk to enhance the nutty tones or serve black to experience a clean finish.

The new Little’s Ethiopian premium instant coffee is an instant coffee unlike any other. There’s no compromise on quality or flavour. Featuring pure Ethiopian Arabica beans, sourced from the Djimma zone in western Ethiopia – the birthplace of coffee – this instant coffee produces a sweet flavour with fruity and zesty character. You’ll also find a hint of chocolate on the finish. Perfect to enjoy at any time of the day, with or without milk.

Both jars are fully recyclable and plastic free, as are all Little’s coffee jars in fact. Available now from Waitrose for £4.99 for a 100g jar with around 50 servings. Two further premium instants – Italian Roast and Brazil Decaf – are available to buy on Little’s online store or through Ocado.

For more information and to find out more about the full range of Little’s coffees, visit

About Little’s

Little’s is an independent, family-run coffee company which produces coffees to liven up your cup. Little’s believes in convenience without compromise. Find out more at

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