New Tracklements Special Edition Feisty Vegan & Gluten Free Pineapple Achar

The Life and Soul of the Pantry

Pineapple Achar

New Tracklements Special Edition Feisty Pineapple Achar (a South Asian name for pickle) is handmade with pineapple, onions, carrot, chilli, ginger and mustard seed. On its own it has the power to vivify a simple bowl of rice, noodles or daal.

Vegan and Gluten Free, it’s easy to add a peppy punch to a myriad of recipes – not least curries. This Feisty Pineapple Achar brings a sweet, zesty poke to fish, roasted veg with cous cous, grilled meats and also pairs perfectly with a salty goats’ cheese.

Back in 1970, William Tullberg made the first British wholegrain mustard. 50 years on William’s son, Guy, carries on his legacy. However, that one mustard has matured into eight varieties and over 40 award-winning chutneys, relishes and sauces.

The range is still handmade in Wiltshire, abiding to traditional recipes, with an underpinning principle to buy the best quality ingredients sourced locally wherever possible to ensure the products taste as good as, if not better than, homemade. Determined to ensure that the 10,000 jars of condiments that they make every day are ‘planetfriendly pickles’, they minimise their environmental footprint through using recyclable packaging, their own water treatment facility, and over 10,000 square feet of solar panels, which enables the company to generate 100% renewable electricity that is also fed into the national grid at weekends through green energy company Good Energy.

Tracklements Special Edition Feisty Pineapple Achar, RRP £3.35 for 220g, is available from fine food delis and farm shops nationwide and online at

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