You are what you drink…

Chris Hurley taste tests ZeroWater, the water filter that removes 99.6% of toxins from tap water


A recent chat with my doctor was enough to persuade me to adopt a new and healthier diet. This decision prompted a quest to source naturally reared meat and organic fruit and vegetables. However, one of the things that invariably gets forgotten when planning a new diet is what we drink and particularly the water we consume. Looking at the options for filtering water was extremely important to me, and I was very impressed with what I read about ZeroWater, a filter which claims to remove 99.6% of all toxins, solids, and contaminants from tap water. So, I decided that this was the one for me.

ZeroWater comes well packaged and includes instructions on how to get started. Assembly is a cinch; give the jug and lid a wash in warm water with mild soap, screw the filter into the lid and you are ready to go.

ZeroWater comes with a battery-operated quality meter which is stored neatly in the lid. Its LED display shows the level of contaminants in the water and a reading of zero is the purest. To check how effective ZeroWater was I poured a glass of London tap water and tested it with the quality meter. The reading for Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) was 274 which is considered high.

The water made its way through the five-stage filter, with each stage designed to eliminate different contaminants. As well as microplastics the process removes dangerous metals like lead, mercury and chrome plus inorganic non-metals including cyanide, nitrates and chlorine. In fact, there are 23 elements removed in total.

With the filtering complete it was time to re-test the water and the quality meter showed an impressive result of ZERO.

The proof of the pudding however was in the tasting. The water tasted absolutely pure, with no hint of any chemical taint or other impurities.

As well as proving the effectiveness of ZeroWater the quality meter is also used to indicate when the water filter needs replacing. When the water quality reads six, it is time to replace the filter. These are available from the ZeroWater online shop and other suppliers. The amount of water that can be purified per filter is determined by how polluted the water is in your area.

ZeroWater comes in a range of sizes with capacities from 1.4 litres for singles up to a 9.5 litre model which is ideal for offices. My ZeroWater model was the 2.8 litre version, featuring a handy dispensing tap for use on the edge of a countertop, or you can pour from the spout on the lid.

As well as drinking the purified water straight, I have found other uses. For example, I’m using it to fill up the reservoir of my Nespresso, for making ice cubes and in any recipe that calls for water.

I can thoroughly recommend ZeroWater. I was shocked to see how high the Total Dissolved Solids were in my tap water and impressed with how quickly and easily this was turned into something that was pure and healthy.

For more information and to buy your ZeroWater and accessories go to

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