MoMu spreads fashion culture throughout the city

Fashion 2.021- Fashion/Conscious: reopening programme MoMu – Fashion Museum Antwerp

(c) Photo: Hanna Moon – Creative director: Isabella Burley, Stylist: Agata Belcen, Casting: Sarah Small, Hair: Kiyoko Odo, Fashion: Supriya Lele, Models: Supriya Lele, Cyndia Harvey, Rhea Dillon & Jasmine Gaziza Muller, Production: Thea Charlesworth

‘Fashion 2.021 Antwerp – Fashion/Conscious’ is the ambitious reopening programme initiated by MoMu – Antwerp’s fashion museum, in collaboration with the city of Antwerp and VISITFLANDERS. Starting from the opening weekend on 4th and 5th September 2021, until January 2022, MoMu will offer a line-up of fascinating exhibitions, open-air projects, city walks and activities. The overarching theme: the global transition and meaningful shifts within the world of fashion. The ‘2.0’ in Fashion 2.021 also symbolises the general reset within fashion that was accelerated by a period of global crisis, beginning in 2020.

Emotion is the key focus in the opening programme, since feelings are a key catalyst for change. For this reason, the impressive line-up includes a city-wide festival that aims to inspire international visitors and Antwerp residents alike, to explore and experience fashion in a new way. The name ‘Fashion/Conscious’ is significant on three levels: the conscious discovery of fashion as an industry in evolution, both in terms of digitisation and the designer’s role, but, on the other hand also the growing consciousness that fashion consumers have on the ecological sustainability of their clothing. At the same time, ‘Fashion/Conscious’ emphasizes the classic meaning of lifestyle and the way you choose to dress or whether you are in the know. Finally, it is also about being aware of Antwerp’s role as a fashion city. MoMu aims to establish Antwerp’s international status as an innovative and fashion-conscious city. A city that is not only the ultimate destination for the international fashion lover, but also dares to question itself.

MoMu Director and Chief Curator, Kaat Debo, gives a summary: “Our goal is to open up the renovated MoMu to the general public as a fashion hub and meeting place, and provide a unique and socially relevant view of fashion. The museum reopening is at the centre of the ‘Fashion 2.021’ project, and MoMu will curate a reopening programme focused on the global transitions in the fashion world of today and tomorrow. The title ‘Fashion/Conscious’ has many meanings for the general public. It can inspire everyone, from the fashion conscious right down to active aficionados. It also refers to sustainability and a ‘conscious’ approach to fashion, not only in ecological terms, but also in terms of the rapidly evolving, digitalising fashion industry.

Nabilla Ait Daoud, alderman for culture, reflects on the city’s position: “The transition within fashion is a global theme, and the concept of ‘reset’ appears to have social relevance on all levels. For the City of Antwerp, the reopening of MoMu is a time to celebrate, because Antwerp is all about fashion, but it is also a moment for introspection. The city must also reflect critically on its position. This project can further develop the long-term vision of Antwerp as a fashion city and an international fashion destination of the future.

Flanders has a rich history of mastery. But even today, our beautiful region still produces a multitude of talents, particularly in the fashion industry. The fashion sector constantly evolves, together with the various challenges this entails for both new graduates and established designers, with years of experience. For the reopening of the Fashion Museum in 2021, we are fully committed to the artistic quality and the creative mastery, so firmly rooted in Antwerp. I am therefore delighted to announce our investment, via VISITFLANDERS, of our renovated Fashion Museum, to put Antwerp, as a talented fashion city, back on the international map“, says Flemish Minister for Tourism Zuhal Demir.

Koen Kennis, alderman for tourism and small and medium business enterprises: “A study by the University of Antwerp shows that fashion tourists generate a large economic return. They not only spend money on museum tickets, but also on shopping, good food and drink and overnight stays. The importance of the reopening of the Fashion Museum for the revival of the tourism sector cannot be underestimated‘.

The campaign for the opening programme ‘Fashion 2.021 Antwerp – Fashion/Conscious’ features a series of striking images throughout the city, which specifically aim to elicit emotion and hope to promote essential social dialogue. The series was created in collaboration with 6 designers, ranging from established names, such as Walter Van Beirendonck and Raf Simons, to new talents: Glenn Martens, Marine Serre, BOTTER and Supriya Lele.

Fashion 2.021 Antwerp – Fashion/Conscious
September 4, 2021 – January 23, 2022
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