Enjoy Levantine lunches with Odysea’s new Labneh

Delve into the authentic flavours of the Levant – the sunny Middle Eastern region on the Eastern Mediterranean – with Odysea’s new Labneh, now available in Waitrose stores nationwide


Labneh is a thick and creamy strained yoghurt product made using goat’s milk. Adding richness and fresh tang to your plate, Odysea’s Labneh balances any dish with its smooth texture and cooling flavour, and is an item your summer dining can’t be without. A highly versatile product, enjoy the Labneh drizzled with olive oil and sprinkled with za’atar as part of a sharing meze platter, swirled around roasted vegetables, generously dolloped alongside chunks of spicy charred meats and crunchy pickled veg in a flatbread, or as the base of weekend Turkish eggs to add creaminess and depth to every mouthful of your meal.

Odysea’s Labneh is made exclusively with goat’s milk, using strained Greek yoghurt that is salted and re-strained to develop its exceptionally thick texture and savoury, creamy tang.

The Labneh is made by the Amari dairy in Crete, a small artisan dairy nestled in the Amari valley at the foothill of Mount. Psiloritis, 30km from Rethymo. The Amari Dairy uses traditional production methods and exceptional milk from local goat herds, giving an inimitable flavour to the Labneh. The region is home to dozens of small villages and endless olive groves; a huge variety of rare herbs and flora grow in this region, and the valley boasts some 1600 indigenous species of flora. This is where the herds feed, where they drink spring water and rest under apple and cherry trees and this is what gives the milk used to make Odysea’s Labneh it’s wonderful aroma.

Odysea’s impeccable sourcing and focus on building and maintaining relationships with producers around the Mediterranean ensures that they have a reputation for supplying authentic, quality Greek and Mediterranean food that is continued with this launch.

Available on Odysea.com and in Waitrose stores nationwide – Odysea Labneh, 175g, RRP £2.50

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