Find the perfect wine for Father’s Day at Tesco

Let him know how much you care, with a carefully chosen wine from Tesco this Father’s Day

Tesco Fathers Day

From smooth reds and elegant whites to crisp rosé, whatever his style, you’re sure to find a wine that makes his day.

Tesco Finest Central Otago Pinot Noir 13.5% abv, £13.00
A classic example of a subtle and smooth Pinot Noir, this is made in partnership with the experts at Villa Maria, New Zealand’s most-awarded winery. A seriously sophisticated red, this is medium-bodied with brilliant flavour concentration, pronounced red fruit aromas and a lengthy finish.

Tesco Finest Amarone Valpolicella (vegan) 15.5% abv, £18.00
This award-winning classic Italian red is made from a blend of local varietals that have been partially dried in small crates and then aged in oak barrels. It is famed for its intense and full-bodied flavours of ripe black fruits, chocolate and sweet spices with a rich, smooth finish. This will age beautifully for up to five years.

Tempus Two Quartz Sauvignon Blanc 12% abv, £9.00
Tempus Two Quartz Sauvignon Blanc is an approachable, fruit driven white that is elegant and refined, yet bold. Expect notes of tropical fruit, gooseberries and a lovely citrus twist.

Maison No. 9 Rosé 12.5% abv, £19.00
Maison No. 9 was born from an idea to bring together a best-in-class winery with American rapper Post Malone’s love of the Mediterranean lifestyle and rosé. Already popular in the States, this striking rosé is brand new to the UK and produced by award-winning winemaker Alexis Cornu.

Peter Morrell, Editor, comments “I have been tasting the Tesco Finest Central Otago Pinot Noir 2019. This red is made for Tesco by Villa Maria. As many readers will know we have written extensively about Villa Maria in the past, it’s New Zealand’s most awarded winemaker, a well-deserved honour.

This single varietal pinot noir pours a bright garnet colour in the glass, in the bouquet there are strong aromas of black cherry with an oaky background. The cherry continues through to the palate and is joined by soft summer fruit flavours like raspberry, and to a lesser extent strawberry. Barrel aging has added a range of spicy notes.

There is a slight astringency in the wine making it ideal to pair with food. Soft, supple tannins make the wine well-rounded and exceptionally smooth. The finish is long, with a persistent fruity taste.

The Tesco Finest Central Otago Pinot Noir 2019 is fruit forward and the ideal companion for grilled meats and slow roasted lamb shoulder. This is a big wine in every sense of the word with lots of character, probably just like your Dad, which makes it the perfect Father’s Day gift.

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