Three Delicious IGP Rosé wines from the Pays d’Oc

Peter Morrell tastes three wines that are fine examples from the region that is France’s most prolific producer of Rosés

Pays doc roses

The Pays d’Oc wine region is a large swathe of land in the south of France bounded by the Mediterranean to the East and the Spanish border to the south. Diversity is the region’s strength, with multiple ‘terroirs’ producing a wide variety of wine styles. The climate and soil particularly good for growing grapes to make Rosé wines, and it is now France’s largest Rosé producer.

With the hope of summer finally arriving I recently tasted three Rosés from the region, and they were exceptionally good examples of the quality being produced. Here are my notes…

Dino Rosé Cinsault 2020, Les Collines du Bourdic

Les Collines du Bourdic started in 1928 and since then has been a wine making pioneer in the establishment of new grape varieties in the region like Viognier and Gewurztraminer.

This wine is made from the Cinsault grape, which predominates in the Pays d’Oc. The Dino Rosé pours a very light shade of pink which belies its character. It is evident from the first sniff of the bouquet that the wine packs a powerful punch. There are raspberry aromas surrounded by honeyed and floral notes. In the mouth it’s dry and light bodied with peach flavours, hints of spice and pepper. The finish is buttery, with a fresh fruity taste.

Drink on its own or with sushi and southeast Asian dishes.

Domaine de l’Herbe Sainte Cinsault Rosé 2020 – Famille Greuzard

Owned by the Greuzard family since 2001 the Domaine de l’Herbe Sainte produces a range of wines including this Cinsault Rosé.

The wine pours a light salmon pink and has bright soft summer fruits in the bouquet with a light touch of white cherry. On the palate floral tastes abound together with zesty citrus. It has a dry, pleasantly astringent sorbet like character that makes the wine an ideal companion with food. The finish is uplifting and persistently fruity.

Pair this wine with fresh seafood and light salads.

Domaine Lalaurie Syrah Rosé 2020

Ten generations of a family have lovingly tended the vines of Domaine Lalaurie. This has resulted in a wide range of top-quality wines being produced.

One of these wines is the Syrah Rosé. It pours a dark salmon pink colour in the glass. The nose is dominated by strawberry and cherry aromas, complemented by herbaceous notes. Light acidity makes it dry on the palate and it has good fruity flavours with flashes of citrus to add interest. The finish is fresh, clean and fruity, with a hint of pepper right at the end.

This would pair well with salads and hold its own with chicken and lamb dishes.

This trio of wines is an excellent showcase of the quality and diversity of Pays d’Oc IGP rosés. Look out for them at good wine merchants and on restaurant wine lists.

To find out more about IGP Rosé Wines in the Pay d’Oc read our article

Rosé season is any season in Pays d’Oc

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