The DrinkWell Wine club – Low calorie but with no compromise

Peter Morrell reviews the latest case of wine available from this innovative wine club, where the only thing you have got to lose is your weight

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Before starting here is a short anecdote, my job and social life both revolve around the consumption of wine. We are now about 18 months into lockdown there has been one silver lining to this otherwise dark cloud, my consumption of wine decreased resulting in losing a stone and a half in weight. Now that restrictions are lifting my wine consumption is rising, I am desperate to keep my weight stable, and luckily I’ve found the perfect solution, the DrinkWell Wine Club.

I was aware of Drinkwell when I discovered their own brand IPA low calorie beer a while ago. so my interest was piqued when I heard that they had launched their new DrinkWell Wine Club. DrinkWell do all the heavy lifting, they find wines from around the world that do not compromise on aroma, taste, body or strength but do contain fewer calories than other wines.

Since launching in 2012 DrinkWell has saved UK consumers over 57 million calories. Their wine club continues this amazing work, being the first in the UK to offer a low-calorie alternative with every calorie counted. Not only are these wines all top-quality examples of the regions they are sourced from, but they are also remarkable value for money.

Here’s how the DrinkWell Wine Club works
  • A specially curated case of wine is sent every 2 months, taste tested, and calorie counted by the DrinkWell experts.
  • With a £60 (6 bottles) or £120 (12 bottles) subscription paid every 2 months, it’s one of the best value wine clubs on the market and includes a number of free snacks and gifts.
  • The wine club case comes in two sizes based on how much storage space you have. Either choose the Big Fridge or the Little Fridge. No complicated ordering and investment process like other competitors, simply pay the money and DrinkWell sends the best low-calorie wine available on the market
  • If you want a top up between deliveries, you can buy ad hoc from the extensive range of wines on the DrinkWell website.
  • As well as receiving free delivery on any bottle purchased on DrinkWell, subscribers are also entered into a prize draw to win a professional wine fridge.
  • There is no obligation, you can pause, change, skip a delivery or cancel whenever you want.

It’s well worth paying the DrinkWell website a visit, as it offers more than just low-calorie wine. There are also beer, cider, spirits, hard seltzers and mixers available, all low-calorie.

I’ve been trying the latest DrinkWell Wine Club case, which has a great selection of wine, all rich in taste, quality, and body. It is definitely the solution to maintaining a healthy weight. I thought that the case was well curated, it had a range of wine styles that were suitable for pairing with many different foods.

Here are my tasting notes on the latest six bottle case.

Cape Heights Chenin Blanc 2020

I’m always surprised that the Chenin Blanc grape is not better known. The wine made from it is aromatic and juicy, and this Cape Heights wine from South Africa is a fine example. There are strong floral and citrus aromas in the bouquet. On the palate luscious tropical fruit flavours are complemented by the balanced acidity and the finish is fresh and fruity. This wine is the ideal companion for fish and seafood,

IGP Atlantique Du Rosé Dans l’Air Rosé 2019

The rise and rise of Rosé wine is unstoppable, and drinking this IGP (Indication Géographique Protégée) wine you can see why. It pours with just a hint of pink and is made exclusively with the Merlot grape in the Bordeaux region of France. The nose shows pear and candy aromas, which in the mouth are joined by fruity flavours and a lively refreshing acidity. This wine is not only low in calories but weighs in at a healthy ABV of 10.5%. This is a lovely aperitif wine and would pair well with quiches and salads.

Mas Macia Cava Brut Nature Reserva NV

This is an award winner sparkler from Spain is made with the three traditional Cava grape varieties, Xarel Lo, Macabeo, Parellada. The wine spends an extended time fermenting on the lees in the bottle which gives it its distinctive toasty character. When poured the wine produces fast moving bubbles which produce a fine mousse on the surface. Strong apple aromas in the bouquet are joined on the palate by flavours of fruit and brioche. There is a touch of mineralty making the wine refreshingly dry. Another ideal aperitif wine or one for opening at a celebration to add a touch of luxury.

Cape Heights Cabernet Sauvignon 2019

The Western Cape in South Africa is a beautiful area. and the ‘terroir’ is ideal for growing the Cabernet Sauvignon grape, used exclusively to make this wine. It exhibits all the good characteristics of this grape. The wine pours a ruby red colour, and the bouquet has an abundance of blackberry, dark cherry and cassis aromas. In the mouth it is full bodied, and there are complex flavours of spice, vanilla, and tobacco. The well-structured tannins make the wine very smooth, and the finish is fruity and persistent. Match with steak and barbequed meats.

El Ninot de Paper Blanco 2019

This is a Spanish white from Valencia, the home of Paella, has a very distinctive label reflecting the local culture. The wine is a blend of the Sauvignon Blanc and the Viura grapes, so its defining character is fruity and aromatic. In the glass the wine is light yellow with hints of green. The nose shows citrus, grass and floral notes, and in the mouth the vegetal flavours persist, and apples come to the fore. There is zesty acidity making the wine refreshing and uplifting. Given its source the food match for this wine must be Paella.

Boundary Line Shiraz 2019

This is a big, beefy, complex, single varietal wine from Australia. The wine pours a dark red, and after a brisk swirl releases a range of aromas including blackcurrants, plums and blackberries. On the palate flavours jostle for position, vanilla, oak, chocolate and peppery spices. The body is medium, and the soft tannins make it a very easy drinking wine. The finish is long with lots of fruit. Slow roasted shoulder of lamb immediately comes to mind when thinking of a food match.

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