Spice Up Your Christmas with Rum on The Rocks

If you’re looking for the best way to enjoy rum this Christmas Peter Morrell recommends these four deliciously different infused rums to drink on the rocks

Cut to the Spice

Recent figures show that Spiced Rum is one of the fastest growing sectors in the drinks industry. So, to help you choose the best examples in this booming market I have found four rums that will add spice to your Christmas festivities this year. Unlike some blander spirits spiced rum has a myriad of intriguing flavour, without having to add a mixer. You just simply add rum to an iced filled glass and enjoy!

To put this to the test I recently tasted Cut to the Spice, a rum made by the Cut Rum Company. It is made from a blend of rums from Jamaica and Trinidad using 100% sugar cane and then infused with real spices including aniseed, nutmeg, ginger, pepper, cinnamon, coriander seed, lemon and vanilla.

To give you some perspective about the strength of the aromas from this rum, I poured a glass and my non spirit drinking wife, who was a metre away, smelt the bouquet and asked for a sip. She liked it so much I think she is close to becoming a rum drinking convert.

The rum is a golden amber colour, and the aromas are immediately released as it is poured. On the nose there is an abundance of spice notes with lots of vanilla, burnt orange and caramel. As the rum passes to the palate there is some sweetness with subtle butterscotch flavours, a creamy texture, and hints of sea salt. The taste experience on the palate continues to develop and a warming pepper and nutmeg character emerges. The rum is very smooth and easy to drink. The finish is very persistent with vanilla and pepper being joined by an aniseed flavour

This is one of the best spiced rums I have tasted. This would make a great present for anyone who enjoys well-made spirits with lots of layered aromas and flavours.

RRP: £23.50 for 70cl. 37.5% ABV.
Available from Amazon and Master of Malt

Here are another three Rums for you to savour over Christmas

Suncamino Floral Rum

SuncaminoSuncamino, the world’s first floral rum, with Hibiscus, Honeybush and Orange Blossom. After ageing for up to eight years in Barbados, Suncamino travels to South Africa and the blend is finished in the Cape Floral Kingdom, a world heritage site, where the natural floral extracts are added. Suncamino is then matured and bottled by hand. Suncamino does not contain sugar or colourants, and no filtration takes place in order to preserve as much of the natural flavours as possible.

Aroma – Smoky Vanilla, Oak & Orange Blossom
Flavour – Smoky Honey, Orange Blossom & Caramel
Finish – A Lush Floral Finish of Hibiscus & Honeybush

RRP: £28.99 for 50cl. ABV: 40%
Available from 31DOVER

Spirited Union Spice and Sea Salt Rum

Spirited Union Spice and Sea Salt Rum 1Spirited Union Spice & Sea Salt is a smooth cask-aged Barbados rum infused with five delicate spices, including Guatemalan cardamom, Madagascan cloves and vanilla for a sweet spice aroma. Peruvian cacao adds a deep richness and moreish honey-nut finish. To enhance both the taste and flavour, the rum is infused with a pinch of Añana sea salt. Its great purity and high mineral content ensure it perfectly complements the rich flavours of the rum.

Tasting Notes – Indulgently smooth and delectably nuanced – mellow notes of warming spice, with a buttery, honeyed nuttiness to the finish.

RRP: £29.95 for 70cl. 38% ABV
Available from Amazon and Master of Malt

Spirited Union Sweet Orange and Ginger Rum

Spirited Union Sweet Orange and Ginger RumA bite of ginger for Jamaican heat – this cask-aged Jamaican rum is infused and distilled with Valencia & Curaçao oranges to add a bright citrus note. Hand zested oranges add a rich citrus aroma and delicious, sweet taste. To create a perfect union of citrus and spice, the rum is infused with fresh root ginger. The zesty citrus and fiery spice perfectly complement the sweet taste of sugar cane molasses.

Tasting Notes – Refreshing citrus with a rich layer of sugar cane molasses followed by a mild gingery bite.

RRP: £27.50 for 70cl. 38% AB
Available from Amazon and Master of Malt

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