Introducing the innovative Keetoo App

The key to hassle-free days out in the UK including the Beatles Story, Liverpool, Kensington Palace and City Sightseeing, Glasgow


A new mobile app is designed to alleviate the hassle and stress of booking experiences and days out in the UK as society opens up again.

Keetoo is an app designed by Buckinghamshire-based parent couple Vinay and Renuka Bhardwaj, father and mother to two children, who put their heads together to come up with a solution to combat how difficult and expensive it is to organise a day out.

That solution, which is the ‘key to’ a fantastic day-out, allows users to browse, book and enter many of the UK’s best attractions using only their phone. Simply top up your Kredits for each person in your party and the app gives you free additional Kredits every time you do! Making your money go further each time.

Vinay, an experienced business innovator with decades under his belt in the attractions industry, came up with Keetoo’s basic structure.

Our goal was to create an app that offered a genuinely simple way to find interesting days out and then book and enter them in a cashless and paper-less way,” he said.

“We all know how difficult it can be to organise a day out, once you’ve cleared your diary, done your research and assembled your friends or family. From where to go, what tickets you’ll need to visit various attractions to exclusions and bookings inflexibility.

We wanted to make booking a day out to a place which interests you just a few taps away. All of the choice, information you need and your tickets are in one place.”

Vinay and Renuka also addressed the consumer’s perennial problem – how to make days out more accessible, flexible and convenient, while still offering a value proposition.

Keetoo takes care of all of these problems,” Renuka said. “As well as easy entry, the app allows its users to change cash into more valuable Keetoo Kredits, which can be used for venue entrance, experiences and even your local cinema. Keetoo can be used all over London and around the UK.

The app offers access to a huge range of well-known and undiscovered venues in one convenient app – no tickets, no cash, no hassle, as confirmed by a recent review at Trustpilot.

“It’s essential to make it as convenient to go out on an adventure as the likes of Netflix have made it easy to stay in.

The ability to gift Kredits and offer the recipient the freedom to do what they want when they want is also very timely. With Christmas just weeks away an ideal and thoughtful way to get friends and family out and about again.

Go to for more information or download from Google Play or Apple Store

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