Three Easy Whisky Cocktails To Make With The Gladstone Axe

With longer evenings and colder weather, this is the perfect time of year to relax and enjoy a fine whisky cocktail at the end of the day. The Gladstone Axe Whiskies, American Oak and The Black Axe are both perfect for mixing!

The Zeal

40ml Gladstone Axe | 20ml Stambecco Amaro | 6ml Hotel STARLINO Rosso Vermouth | Garnish – Orange Peel to Garnish

Into a mixing glass containing ice, pour your Gladstone Axe Whisky, Stambecco and Hotel STARLINO Rosso Vermouth and stir. Strain into a coupe glass. Garnish with Orange Peel

The Woodsman

40ml Gladstone Axe | 25ml Lemon Juice | 12ml Simple Syrup | 50ml Soda Water | Garnish – A Hotel STARLINO Maraschino Cherry and a Slice of Orange

Pour Gladstone Axe Whisky, lemon juice, and syrup into a highball glass filled with ice cubes. Stir and top with soda water. Garnish with a Hotel STARLINO Maraschino Cherry and a slice of orange

The Ginger Orange Axe

25ml Gladstone Axe | 75ml Ginger Ale | 1 Slice of Orange

Pour Gladstone Axe Whisky and ginger ale into an ice-filled rocks glass. Garnish with a slice of orange

Named after four-times Prime Minister, William Gladstone, the whisky is a modern twist on classic Scotch. There are two expressions in the range – The Gladstone Axe American Oak and The Gladstone Black Axe, both are bottled in an iconic bottle which tells the story of William Gladstone in a contemporary way.

The Gladstone Axe American Oak Whisky
Rich and smooth with spicy and vanilla on the nose.

The Gladstone Axe The Black Axe Whisky
Rich with a fruit flavour explosion, combined with a creamy vanilla flavour and notes of cloves and a long finish. Perfect for the adventurous spirits drinker looking for an introduction to smoky whisky.

The whiskies have been carefully selected from the Highlands and Islay to create two easy-drinking smooth blends made up of 14 single malts. The Gladstone Axe American Oak is aged and finished in American Oak Bourbon barrels and blended from whiskies from 14 different Highland and Islay single malt distilleries. The Black Axe has a higher proportion of Islay malts to add just a touch of smoky character.

Gladstone Axe are high quality, 100% malt, easy drinking whiskies for today’s new whisky enthusiast which can be drunk neat, on the rocks or mixed with a splash of soda or ginger ale and served with a slice of orange.

The Black Axe & American Oak RRP: £32 for a 70cl. ABV: 41%.
Available from Amazon: The Black Axe | American Oak

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